Friday, March 02, 2007

Obama and the Democrats foreign policy

Sen Obama correctly highlighted Iran as the central problem in the Middle East.From his point of view ,the President by being bogged down in Iraq,has allowed Iran to ascend,and proceed to threaten the world with nuclear weapons.
The problem is,that he and his colleagues in the Democratic party wish to turn back the clock to the 90's.
To them Islamic terrorism is a crime problem.We must work through the Europeans and the UN for a world solution.Basically, we should be in a defensive mode,and respond after the fact.
To date,I have not heard from him or his c0-candidates. the outline of a foreign policy that projects leadership in the world-wide battle against Islamic fascism.
Had Obama been President when all the intelligence agencies in the world,including Israel's noted WMD in Iraq,and after Saddam threw out the inspectors,and on a daily basis challenged us in the no-fly zone--what would he have done?
After we leave Iraq,what specifically would he do to stop Iran, that is not currently being done?
What would he do differently in Pakistan-Afghanistan?
How would he handle the growing threat to peace in Nicaragua?
How would he approach N. Korea differently than Clinton-Bush?
How can we get Putin to change his domestic and international policies,without renewing the Cold War?
Would you repeal the Patriot Act?
Basically it is easy to criticize thePresident and even easier to say Israel is our ally ,or that we must stop Iran-HOWEVER ,where is the meat?
Give us an outline of a pro-active approach to foreign policy-.Without it, we are left with an inexperienced attractive ,telegenic young man spitting out platitudes.Great for Chicago==a potential disaster for our country.