Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kollek the informer /Spitzer sings his own praise / The Saudis -a new dynamics

It is sad to read tonite that the late Mayor Teddy Kollek was a British spy-or informer.While sitting on the Jewish Agency, he informed on the Irgun,and was involved in an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Menachem Begin (obm-of blessed memory).There is really nothing to say.


I really know nothing of Gov Spitzers proposed budget cuts to nursing homes in NY.I do know his tv commercials ,paid for by " Spitzer-2010" are annoying.To have a bunch of kids singing Hallelukah sort of indicates that Spitzer thinks he angelic in his wisdom.
The opposing ads by the Unions,are compassionate and warm.You certainly can identify with the grandmother ,who tells the Gov-"remember my face-when you cut funding".
Whatever the merits-please stop the singing,and get a better fitting robe for that little girl at the end of the commercial.


We are witnessing a sea change in the Middle East.The Saudis, always perceptive in their analysis of Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Ave politics have come to a major conclusion.
They look at Bush, and the Congress and they see a weakened President. The Democrats have no stomach for national security.The American public cannot tolerate a war without a quick victory-Panama etc.
Moreover American troops will be leaving Iraq- whether totally , or with a rearguard but leave we will.only the date is to be determined.
The Saudis have a real problem because they see the growing Iranian power,that is unchecked by a weak West. They see rising Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.
They see Bahrain only a bridge away from the kingdom with a population 80% Shiite.
They look at Hizbollah almost fully rearmed by Iran and a threat to Israel.Similarly, Hamas has moved to the next stage of military preparedness, with bunkers a-la Lebanon, and fresh Iranian training. They want to be on the winning team.
Despite the close relationship with the Bush family, the King realizes that there are no permanent allies in the world,only permanent interests.Bush is a lame-duck.
After the warm visit with the Iranian President, the king has decided to get closer to Iran,Hamas and Hizbollah.Thus, as reported in yesterday's Wash. Post,King Abdullah cancelled his White House dinner in April, and the Jordanian monarch his dinner next year.
The king has to worry about Al-QUEDA Sunni from within, as well as Shiite neighbors.The Saudi PEACE PLAN ,which essentially is an ultimatum,and a bone to Sec.Rice.
She appears to be running back and forth in circles with little of substance to show.Indeed Shalit is still not freed,and today terror groups have vowed to contue their terror campaign.Olmert is still on thin political ice, and the vultures are circling.
The only bright spot,is the pledge by the new Chief of Staff,to wipe out the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.