Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Passover / The neighborhood gets more dangerous.

Allow me to wish all my friends and readers a happy,sweet and kosher Pesach.
I will resume the blog after the holidays.


Readers of the Israeli papers and web sites, found nothing new in todays NY Times description
of a rearmed and extremely dangerous Hamas.The Arab groups, are turning to ultimatums toward Israel.
Saudia Arabia-"accept our plan -or its up to the warlords"
King Abdullah of Jordan-Accept the Saudi plan,or its the end of the line for peace.
PM Haniyah of the PA-Hamas government-If the international boycott of the unity govt. is not broken in three months,we (the govt) will arm Hamas for war"
The UN Sec General,The EU and others are joining in the pressure.
Pelosi and her group are pushing Syrian talks,even as Syria is actively involved in Lebanon and Iraq against our interests.
Now, more than ever is the time for Olmert and Israel to be resolute and not flustered by the pressure.
The Arab world will have to come to the conclusion,that they must sit down face to face with Israel and negotiate.Ultimatums and threats have not worked, and will not work to bring peace.