Monday, April 16, 2007

Seat Belts

Yesterday while most people in the northeast stayed within the comfort of their homes,my wife and I spent the day at a Defensive driving course.The safety course is meant as a way to reduce your auto insurance by 10%.Others take the course to reduce their points accumulated after traffic infractions.In order to obtain and keep the reduction in insurance, you need to take the course every three years-which we have done.
A major section of the course is on the need for seat belts. As a surgeon, who saw countless accidents brought into the E.R.,I not only wear seat belts, but insist that everyone in the car, front and back do likewise.There is no question that belts save lives and cut down on severity of injuries.
Thus it is quite disturbing to see the Gov. of N.J.,riding in a State Police Vehicle refuse to wear belts -with its resultant injuries.
It is a classical case of politicians,who hold themselves above the law.The reported to be one who is never happy to be told what to do.The State of N.J. spends mega-dollars on educating the public on following the law and wearing belts.
I for one, do not believe that he should resign over this infraction(as some have suggested).Recieving a citation ,is primarily symbolic.Even forcing him to pay for his own medical care would not make a dent in his fat wallet.
Perhaps,when he recovers-and we all extend our prayers toward that, he should fund an effort to try to understand the psyche of why intelligent individuals, would go against proven procedures and believe that it could never happen to them.


I have asked my son Elli to write the blog as his schedule allows,for the next three weeks.