Thursday, April 12, 2007

HO HO / 15 months / Fox is out /Pelosi should stay out of foreign intrigue

I am no fan of Imus.To the contrary I find him crude, and never watch him, unless his program is on in the gym locker room.In addition, I must admit I never heard the word "ho" until my wife explained the uproar to me.
Thus I have no pity on him for the firings.
However,why the double standard,when rappers can use that language or even tv guests use crude language without rebuke.?
Why is the dynamic duo Jesse and the Rev Al up front in this issue ?
I seem to recall Hymietown, and Tawana on their respective records.
When will all the black leaders,both national and from the Duke campus/region apologize publicly for the great harm done to the young players,as they villified them in the public arena them before they had a fair trial?


Passover was a time to reflect on so much that has transpired in my personal life.Thus, I look with great sadness on the announcement that the period of service for the Army has been extended to 15 months.
As I prepare for my visit to Vietnam ,after almost 38 years, I recall how I and my wife counted each day until my return.The daily letter,( there was no e-mail) had D minus the days left on the envelope.
I have previously commented on the urgent need to increase the standing army by a few hundred thousand.Of course, this confirms that need.
Even though I believe Iraq is key to the battle against terrorism, I am concerned that with the type of suicide bombing attack that took place within the Parliament today,even the supporters of the President will lose heart.


It is hard to believe that now all the major Dems running for Prez ,have backed out of the candidate debate sponsored by the Black Caucus, because Fox was the broadcaster.Edwards,Hillary and the others have made multiple appearances on Fox.
It is almost juvenile that they have stooped to this level of political correctness.
Edwards, of course is preaching class warfare.How this move helps to unite Americans is beyond me.Obama talks about bringing us together-I assume he means on Air America!


All I can say about Pelosi and her trip to Assad.
1.consult a fashion stylist to get a better kerchief
2.stick to domestic politics-it was a pure embarrassment to her and our country.She is not ready for prime time foreign assignments.
It is ludicrous to say that the Israeli correction of her misstatements were inspired by the White House.Why not admit it-she was over her head.