Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bibi and Kadima / TSA

The Netanyahu offer to Kadimah was interpreted by most in Israel as a power grab,which was turned down.I thought that the offer was for a pre-Iranian invasion.Perhaps I was wrong.
Others believe Bibi is moving toward concessions to Abbas based on the 1967 borders,and he felt he needed Kadimah in case his Right wing rebelled.
Based on his history ,and that of Sharon his old Likud leader, (where is he? ) it is hard to believe that the spirit of Yehuda -Shomrom and an undivided Jerusalem truly reside in his heart.But he is a pragmatist,and wants to be a survivor,and at this time it is difficult to see that he has a real negotiating partner in Abbas.

Threee cheers for Sen. Demint who has put a hold on the vote for TSA administrator.The problem is the threat to unionize the TSA.We do not allow the FBI,the military or Secret Service to unionize.The TSA must be contolled and be mobile based not on union rules, but security cpncerns.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cancer Analogy

All my professional life as a colon-rectal surgeon I operated on an untold number of cancers.
The goal is of course get rid of the cancer and cure the patient if possible.
Theoretically you could start with going after each cancer cell which could be floating in the system and attach itself to an an organ and grow.
Alternatively you realize goal one is to remove the tumor and the major sources of spread ie. the lymph nodes and veins near the tumor which often will be enough at an early stage.After that,you can assess does the patient need chemetherapy for the loose or metastatic cells,realizing that with the main tumor gone, most indivdual cells will be killed by our immune system.
President Obama,yesterday promised to go after every single individual involved in terror.That would take a thousand years,and lead to many successful terrorist attacks on Americans.He never acnowledged that there is an international conspiracy of Islamic fundamentalists who are the brains and heart of that movement.
Unless we declare war on them, the rest is an exercise in futility.Wipe out the bankers,state supporters and home base of terrorism,yes a few bad actors will survive.However our country will be in a much improved status and with improved technology and proper intelligence, our airways will be safer.
Hide your head in the sand and arrest these guys before proper military/CIA questioning,read them their Miranda rights and you lose all important information to prevent another attack.
What is wrong with our President?

Monday, December 28, 2009


Everyone is saying the same thing--they haven't connected the dots.
Not in Fort Hood,where they knew about the shooter,his vocal anti-Americanism and his e-mails ,but did nothing for fear of political correctness.
Here they knew the man,and the British knew him also, yet no action.Even a warning from his father yielded zero results.
There is no G-d given right to travel to the US. There are billions of people in the world.So what if 550,000 are on a no-fly list.It should not require a conviction.If someone is incorrectly placed on it they can appeal.However when in doubt -keep them out!
Look at the picture on the internet of the jockey shorts with room for the explosives.Patting down the thighs as we said yesterday is pure theatrics.I have been through the machine that blows a chemical to pick up explosives.We need many more of them,total body scans and bomb sniffing dogs.
However as I said yesterday, and on previous blogs,profiling is not un-American if we are protecting our population from a clear and present danger.
These are NOT criminal acts,but part of a world-wide terrorism war by Islamic fundamentalists on our way of life.If we don't wake up,they surely will succeed in blowing up something we hold dear with loss of life.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


My son and his family came home one hour ago on Jet Blue from Aruba.He described bedlam at the airport.The passengers were all patted down.Remember the terrorist had it taped to his underwear-what good is a pat -down that doesn't examine your privates?.
They allowed no TV on board,so terrorists would not know where they are.You mean if you have a 4 hour flight,you cannot figure out after 3 hours and 35 minutes as you feel the plane descending, where you are? or if you see the NY skyline or the coastline in Rockaway you don't know that you will be on the ground soon.
And the no blankets and upright seats for the last hour,is that so the prospective terrorist should aim to blow up the plane over the water or at 35,000 feet and not in the last hour?
He felt that those who inspected the carryons had under 6 minutes of instructions.

Crazy request /Napolitano must go

There is a report that the US has requested an explanation from Israel regarding the death of the 3 terrorists who killed Rabbi Chai zt"l. HUH?

If there is one incompetent individual in the Cabinet, it is Sec. Napalitono who told the media that the system was "working" in regard to the latest terrorist attempt.Had the device gone off,or the young man not jumped over the seat,we would have seen a real disaster.
She is smoking too much funny stuff.She has yet to call the Ft Hood event a terrorist attack,in fact she does not use the word "terror".Where did the current terrorist get the explosives? Harrods?
It is time for her to resign, and let's get a real professional security person to get us back on track.
Stopping blankets for the last hour,or no bathroom facilities will not stop Al Queda. We need to place the entire network of suspects on the No-Fly list,and increase total body searches not of nuns or grandmothers,but those with Islamic backgrounds, even if some are unnecessarily inconvenienced.It's also time to introduce the total body scan,and create a line that there will be minimal embarressment and maximum safety.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unity Govt. / Harry Reid on the Iran resolution / State Dept. Chutzpah

I had predicted months ago,that as Israel gets ready to attack Iran,Bibi will call for a National Unity Govt.He now has done that.The public reason is the Shalit negotiations,howevever that doesn't require a unity govt.Livni spent 2 hours with Bibi on security matters.
I felt the reason that Bibi asked Ehud Barak to stay on ,was to avoid having to start all over with military plans sgsindt Iran.
On the Israel front Sen. Reid,who I know from his Congressional days ,and was a visitor to Huvpac, was always 100% on our issues.He announced that in spite of State Dept. opposition, the Senatewill take up the Iranian resolution passed by the House in Jan.

Shame on Hannah Rosenthal State Dept head of Anti-semitism,who blasted Ambassador Michael Oren(Israeli us Amb.) in an Haaretz interview, for failing to attend the J Street convention.She called his absence "unfortunate".
Since when does a foreign government advise or criticize another counry for failure to attend a meeting.This is the height of chutzpah.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


If I were a campaign manager for the Republican Party preparing for next Years election, I would develop the following approach.
Create a fuLL-page ad with a list of every single Obama promise made during the campaign, and in the next column how he betrayed his promises (or denied saying it)and the public trusr.
Of course I would follow-up with TV-internet ads with his exact words.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abu Mazen / more scandals

While Abu Mazen (Abbas) wears a nice suit,is loved by the press and Obama ,we should not forget that this holocust denier is an Arafat in a suit.At Camp David and subsequently he prevented any PLO compromise on "REFUGEES"Jerusalem etc.
Were there to be an election today in the West Bank he would lose.
His elected term is over,and he does not represent anyone in Gaza.He has prevented any real negotiations,because he took the Clinton-Mitchell-Obama hard line on settlements and is digging in his heels.
As history repeats itself, the Arabs lose everytime when an opportunity for peace arises,but fail to respond.

Sadly the chilul hashem of the scandal in Toronto,and the sentencing of the Spinka Rebbe for 2 years in federal prison on kicking back 95% of millions of dollars in donations (while giving a full tax receipt) are new disgraces to the Torah community.

Equally sad are these women running to the Kotel,and in the name of egalitarianism or civil rights creating a disturbance.Everyone is welcome at the kotel, if you follow the rules of the State and the authorities.Political posturing belongs in the street.How long would they last marching in a major Church or the Vatican disturbing their routine?

Monday, December 21, 2009


It will be good for a change after Thurs. to stop hearing about the health bill on every channel-at least until Congress returns.Forgetting the merits of the bill,the methodolgy stinks.
In the end it is not clear what will be accomplished that made this fight worth it.No one has really analyzed who and why millions do not have insurance-including potential medicaid recipients who just never signed up, illegal immigrants,young healthy people who will probably opt to pay a fine rather than join and so on.
The insurance companies get millions of new clients, without affecting theit anti-trust protection. Despite an Obama campaign pledge big Pharma prevented the importation of cheap but safe drugs and they also beat back the generics.
All in all, not a proud moment for democracy or the legislative process.

The WSJ today had a magnificent summation in their editorial column analyzing the Senate bill-
it is a must read.

Today the WSJ also outlines the steps Ehud Barack will take to clamp down on the settlements.These include military forces and drones.Next should be detention camps!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Since the bill will ( if the House follows the script) not be signed until next year,and thye real effects of higher taxes later on,it is clear that the Dems own this bill lock stock and barrel.
Whenever a senior has a long wait in a doctors office or ER,Obama ,Reid and Pelosi's image will appear.When their insurance premiums go up,the same image.And when Medicare denies coverage,or a doctor refuses to accept new medicare patients a similar vision.
Hopefully the Republicans will run on the theme "REPEAL OBAMACARE" and push for enough of a majority to block funding wherever possible, until 2012 when a Republican President can undue some or all of this monstrosity.
The potential for a major upheaval in the 2010 election is real, and if unemployment stays high, could become a reality.So far Obama and his economic team are in way over their heads with no results.There is a limit to the tax and govt. spending approach.
Thankfully Copenhagen was a bust and no damage done to our economy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rubio vs Crist

I wrote a memo 2-3 days ago to former Speaker Rubio who is callenging Gov. Crist for the US Senate seat in the August Florida primary.
Until the latest Rasmussen poll no one gave Rubio a chance.Last week, I recieved a fund raising letter from Rubio,with a picture of Crist embracing Obama.Crist did support Obama's intital stimulus in a public way and is now beginning to feel the heat from Republican conservatives.The letter was all about the economy and conservative principals .The worry is that Crist might be like Olympia Snowe and not be a conservative stalwart.
Yesterdat the poll showed Crist and Rubio even-amazing at this stage.
My note to Rubio was(even before the poll) that while the economy etc was critical.I wanted to see a position paper on Israel and all the nuances of policy in that varea.I pointed out that among Orthodox Jews,there are many conservatives in their political outlook, and Israel is at the center of their international concerns.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

any bill will do if it gets 60..../ military discipline


The rush of the House to pass a bunch of bills so they can go home for the holidays, is another sign of the breakdown of our legislative process.Don't read the bill,don't undersand or analyze-follow the leader and pray whatever is in there will get 60 votes!

No country,certainly no democracy can function if soldiers are allowed to publicly disobey or challenge orders from superiors. Those who refuse to obey must do so in a civil manner,and accept the punishment they are given.The actions of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed in challenging the Defense Ministry despite any feelings for the issues raised could not go unchallenged.Hopefully cooler heads in the Rabbinate of the Hesder Movement will prevail.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Britain as usual

It was interesting to read yesterday of an attack on the Queen of England who has visited 25o countries in the world including that of many despots , but never Israel.This primarily is the fault of the Foreign Office ,historically anti-semitic.They make her schedule.
Now come word of the arrest warrant for Tzippi Livni for "war crimes" by a London court.
Finally we have word that England is demanding that products such as fruit,wine etc., from the Golan and the West Bank be so labelled so they can be prevented from being sold as they come from "occupied territory".
It seems that for the last complaint alone,American Jews should consider a preliminary boycott of English products.If they don't change ,the boycott can be increased.
I remember well how Mexico yelled "uncle" after their vote for "zionism is racism" and tourism dried up.
How about it the Pres. Conference?

Monday, December 14, 2009


It has been a rough week for me secondary to my eye surgery.I thank Elli for his help.
I had a hole in my macula which was repaired at Bascom-Palmer in Miami. Part of the procedure is to inject an intra-ocular gas bubble to help healing.Thus I had to lie or sit head down (as well as sleep in a head contraption) for 1 week,which thankfully ended today.Even if things go well ,I will not be able to have real vision in the eye ,nor fly for 2 months,until the bubble dissolves.
The good part is that this operation was described in 19991 and before that there was nothing that could be done for the condition.
Just a note,that US News and World Report rates Bascom as the n0 -1 US eye center.

Much has happened in Washington during this week.In summary- "JUMP ON JOE"is the liberal byline.
Air America, the left wing outfit sends me these shrill e-mails that are so silly.Today they attack Lieberman and say that they propose a number of amendments that Lieberman would not oppose.Number one-Obama should resign...
It has taken a great deal of courage for him to finally resist the pressure although tomorrow all 60 Senators have been invited to the WH,and Drudge reports that the WH has told Reid to make a deal with Lieberman.
As I review the week.I fail to see how a program totally bankrupt can accept millions of new subscribers,subsidize them and not lower medical care,hurt doctors and hospitals and raise the deficit.The Democratic goal is just pass anything and claim victory.It won't work.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A look to 2010

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

In a blog I wrote on the night prior to Election Day, I wrote that people should watch a number of interesting contests including as to whether the Republicans could take back the Nassau County legislature. Not just did the GOP take back the legislature but the voters also threw out the Democratic "rising star" Tom Suozzi, who as Nassau County executive had high hopes to advance to higher office. The defeat of Suozzi and the Democrats in Nassau County, an area which had been voting for Democrats more and more often in recent years, is an example of the voter anger which has been building up against incumbents (and specifically, Democrats) as people do not see the economy and jobs picture improving quickly enough. This voter discontent can now be seen clearly in President Obama's approval rating (an average of 48.8% according to the poll of polls done by RealClearPolitics) and in polls showing longtime Democratic Senators such as Chris Dodd and Harry Reid trailing their potential Republican opponents, Senator Specter (the former Republican) trailing his opponent and Democrats in Delaware, Illinois, Colorado and Arkansas trailing or tied with their Republican opponents. The potential is there for Republicans to do great damage in 2010 to the Democratic majorities in both houses. Last week we even saw Karl Rove raise the question as to whether Republicans could take back the Senate in 2010 (although I think this is still a far-fetched idea). One thing the Republicans will need in the coming weeks if they hope to win big next November is to coalesce around a leader or leaders who can focus the voters on one or two major themes. That figure in 1994 was Newt Gingrich and President Bush through the 2000s. We still await that political leader who will lead the Republicans in the coming months.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Baucus/Climate Change/Health Care

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

I know I join all readers of this blog when I wish my Dad a quick recovery from his surgery.

One thing this country does not have a shortage of is politicians that act foolishly. Yet another example is Senator Max Baucus, who submitted his girlfriend's name to be the US Attorney in Montana. Did he not think that the public would find out about his act of nepotism? What could he have possibly been thinking? The other question is why is this not a bigger story in the media? The NY Times today told us that it was no big deal since Senators do it all the time- after all Democratic Senator Tim Johnson's 34 year old son was recently nominated as US Attorney in S. Dakota. Democrats don't seem as upset about these abuses as they were when they accused President Bush and Karl Rove with firing US Attorneys for political reasons. This is yet another reason that Democrats should be bracing themselves for heavy losses in 2010

You have to give Al Gore and his climate change friends a lot of credit- They have not allowed the brewing storm over their phony data to interupt their "Global Warming Conference". With 1,200 limos and 140 private planes, the conference is an odd way to cut down on emissions. Luckily for the rest of us, more and more Americans are waking up to the reality that man-made global warming is not the threat that the left would otherwise have us believe.
With tonight's news that Democrats have agreed on a private plan to take the place of the "public option", it seems that Democrats are one step closer to socialized medicine. Two questions still remain: What of abortion?- The Democrats stopped Senator Nelson's effort to restrict funding of abortion; yet the House passed a similar amendment. Which side will blink on abortion? Also, will the House go along with the Senate plan to drop the public option. As the Democrats dither on health care, Americans wonder when the Democrats will focus on job creation.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Silence of the media / The Dems on Healthcare / my upcoming absence

The failure of the cable and news networks to mention much less explore the hacked e-mails now known as "climate-gate" is quite unbelievable.Global warming has become a religion and a business where the facts and scientific investigation have no place, if they do not agree with the left wing's point of view.
I wrote in my auto-biography of Vice-President's Gore coming to a meeting I had arranged for OU leaders in the Sheraton Hotel in N.Y.
Gore,who I had first met when he was a Congressman running for the Senate served for a time as a war correspondent in Vietnam.HE KNEW OF MY SERVICE THERE FROM OUR MULTIPLE PREVIOUS MEETINGS(as well as his Chief of Staff who was a friend of mine when he served in a Senatorial office.)
Gore walked into the room,gave me a hug and announced to the group of OU leaders "Mendy and I spent many a nite in Vietnam trading war stories."
I was incredulous,for not only had I never met him in Vietnam,I certainly never traded war stories with him.
The V.P. who as we know invented the internet,was practicing the art that he has perfected in the global "warming" arena, bull....
Shortly after that event,there was an item in a political journal stating that one of Gores aides had told him to stop exxagerating.
But why should he? Look at all the money,prestige and power it has bought him as well as a Nobel prize.

So much has been written about the current fight over healthcare.I do not understand how Obama can look at himself in the mirror after promising bipartisanship and openness in govt.and yet is this close to overturning our whole health care system on either zero or perhaps one Rep. vote,despite the polls and an impending potential major shift in the control of Congress.

I will not be able to write this blog for at least 8 days (no its not for Chanukah)as I have eye surgery tomorrow that will require me to have my head down for the week.My son Elli will take over if time permits .

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No "victory" in the Obama lexicon

There is an inherent contradiction in the Obama speech.If as he previously said this is a war that must be won,because it affects our national security,then I understand his decision to send 30,000 troops.
However if so,name me a war from WW II,Korea,Vietnam ,Iraq and all the little battles and invasions Grenada and Haiti that our military could fix a definite time for withdrawal.Now in 18 months if the war is not won,then does that mean the Taliban and Al Queda are no longer a danger to us? We still have troops in Japan, Korea, Bosnia and so on.Next step in the appeasement-surrender train- bring everyone home for FORTESS AMERICA.
As I said last week, Roosevelt and Truman despite millions of troops ,casualties and uncertainty only used the term "victory" a term Obama never used last nite.
This is a disaster in the making.

I hope and pray, that the Israeli govt. will be working on new housing plans that can be unveiled the moment the 10 month freeze is over.Surely no progress will happen withh Abbas in that period.
Only perhaps we will see an Israeli attack on Iran.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Off to war! conversion

It is almost unbelievable that the Pres has announced a withdrawal date even before the troops are there,.
Question if you are the enemy and know that the US is sending troops for a limited period,what would you do ?
Me, I would bury my weapon go about my business for 2-3 years and come back for the final battle.
This is amateursville again!

The IDF Rabbinate will be be having a special shabbat to mark the formal conversion of 500 soldiers (P' vayakheil-pekudei) after which they will have circusision and mikve to complete the conversion process. This will take place in Netanya, and they are looking for sleeping quarters for 12-15 soldiers.

Monday, November 30, 2009

climategate / Iran

The climategate fiasco, has thrown the science world upside down.What is amazing is that instead of saying let us try to recreate the original numbers to show the correctness of their position,they are digging in their heels.
Science has become theology, and if you don't believe we will destroy you.
Those who played games with the numbers,threw out the old reviews,and refused to follow the law by releasing requests under freedom of information laws, should be prosecuted.

How many times does Iran have to spit in Obamas face, until he realizes it is not raining.The time for action is 3 years too late.Neither Bush nor Obama have lived up to their responsibilities-and after Dec.,Israel may have to go it alone.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anshe Chesed in Boynton Beach / 10 month moratorium

I previously wrote about our orthodox ashkenazic shul in Boynton.Wh have now grown to over 60 families,and have a daily morning minyan.We also have an agreement with Yeshiva University ,whereby Rabbi Avi Billet is our visiting Rabbi a few times a month besides him giving a lecture series during the week.
Due to the generosity of an anonymous donor,we are now planning to build an edifice on El Clair Ranch and once that is up, we should see an exponential growth in our attendance.For the third year,I am teaching a "parshat hashavuah" class there each shabbat one hour before Minchah.
Anyone looking to dedicate a sanctuary -this is a great opportunity.

I am sympathetic to those who are protesting the agreement to halt construction for 10 months in Judea and Samaria.THERE IS NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THIS WILL IN ANY FASHION HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT ON THE THE SO-CALLED PEACE PROCESS.
Unless Israel gives up half of Jerusalem,and all the area beyond the '67 WAR AND ALLOWS THE "RIGHT OF RETURN"-in other words total surrender- there will be no peace.
They have not come to the conclusion yet that Israel is a JEWISH STATE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle's gown / ME failure

Yes Michelle Obama's gown was gorgeous etc.,howevever the fact that she appeard taller than the President,and outshined the wife of the short and plain dressed Indian PM, made her appear as "too much" .It is routine at Presidential events to make sure there is symmetry between the parties.Michelle was out for the kill .Her outfit would have been more appropriate for Madame Sarkhozy.

The failure of the Presidents ME approach is totally his own fault.
1-He raised the bar for the PA, thinking that he could get Israel to stop construction in Jerusalem.Once he raised the point,they are refusing to compromise.
2-He counted on the Saudis to play a positive role by amending the "Saudi Plan".no such luck
3-He felt if he slammed Bibi with a demand for total "settlement" cessation, he would buckle. It showed an arrogance that only served to have all of Israel rally around Bibi.
4-He thought that stopping settlements was the key to Iranian cooperation-silly and immature thinking. No one signed on to that notion.
5-He thought that the force of his sweet talk would solve the Iranian nuclear problem-it can't and the clock is ticking!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chanukah in the WH / Taxes

Having been a guest at White House Chanukah parties,it seems unreal that the reason the party was cut in half,was because of the cost.In fact very little food was available,only some of it kosher.The military staff is not paid by the hour,and the highlight really besides "see and be seen" is lining up for a 25 second photo with the President and first lady.
I do not want to be paranoid and claim that this has anything to do with Israel-settlements and Bibi, however aside from the fact that most Jews voted for Obama,he has no natural long term association with Jews outside of his Illinois crowd.

It is so difficult to understand how with a rising defecit,massive unemployment and failed programs that were meant to create jobs, the Dems are still talking about more taxes and even more taxes.It is the young people who will get hit badly with increased forced insurance premiums,payroll taxes,increased capital gains and now a proposed "war tax".
The handwriting is on the wall for a massive turnover in Washington in 1 year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Palin on settlements

I thought the Palin comments on Israel and settlements were a little on the simplistic side.Yet they show a basic support for the rights of Jews to live anywhere in the holyland.
Watching her reception at a mid-western book-signing you have to feel the magnetism she has that attracts people to stand in line overnight for a signature.
Yet she should not confuse rock-star adulation, with an acceptance for her as being ready to run for Pres.She doesn't have to satisfy the NYT or Newsweek, but millions of Independents and Republicans that would like to see her have intelligent responses to the ills of the world,and what she would do differently in N Korea, China,Russia etc .
The attack on her by J street for supporting Israel), is just a side show by this irrelevant group

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prostitution from rising temps/ Votes for sale

The climate change industry has one amazing virtue= a rich imagination.
The UN food committee reports that because of " global warming" more and more Filipinos are living close to the water.Since there is no industry,the women have to turn to protitution for a service all the sailors who I assume are hot from increased temperatures. Then of course the next step is increased HIV.
By the way the thought occurs to me that 100 years ago in the tenements on the lower East Side,without fans or air conditioning there is no documented increase in prostitution during the hot weather.
So you see-global warming leads to more sexual diseases.
If you disagree you are not a rational,intelligent human-got it!

The hacking of the the e-mail files of a major climate control office,pretty much debunks all the nonsense of global warming.They lie, make up statistics and many have an ulterior economic motive by investing in companies that will gain from govt. grants etc to fix this non-existent problem. I see Al Gore seems to be doing quite well.
I would love to see a Tom Friedman column on these e-mails.

How can we teach young people what democracy really is, when legislators vote on crucial issues such as healthcare,and cannot possibly have the time to read,and absord the contents of the bills?
One thing is certain, the age of tranparency,post or bi-partisanship and open promised by Obama never got off the ground.This is all a farce,and were it not for our sad economic state,be a big joke.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health rationing / It's the economy-stupid / Equal coverage!

A few weeks ago just prior to our coming to Florida, my wife had a routine mammogram scheduled.Unfortunately, when she got there, they realized she was one day shy of a year and a day in between exams.
The current controversy highlites the role that will be played by Govt. in rationing medical care.It appears that this panel did not have any expert on breast cancer .Yes rationing as I point out above is prevalent,however with the new Obamacare it will become quite severe.
At the end of the day of course is when some panel says,"sorry your father is 84 years old, and we can't spend that kind of money on him for a new hip etc" ( the so- called death panels)

As a followup of my blog of Mon.- we went to see La Traviata last nite at the West Palm Beach Kravitz Center.Normally 2500 people normally crowd this magnificent edifice.Last nite 6-700 attended.Of course this is Madoff and Rothstein territory,however it speaks to the general economy.

Drudge makes a great point:
The AP assigned 11 fact-checkers to go over Palins book,and not a single one for Obama's.
I rest my case

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama and Gilo

The worst part of the Obama blast at Jerusalem in not that they blasted the decision to build 900 homes in Gilo .Rather it is the fact that he called this neighbohood a "settlement".He has no feeling for the Jewish homeland post 1947.It was Gilo that was rocketed from a neighboring Arab village during the Intifada.
On the positive side was the groundbreaking of 105 new homes in Nof Zion ,a section of "East" Jerusalem-Kol Hakavod.

They should run an expose on who pays the salaries of Peace Now and the other menuvalim-
yiddish for ousvorffs ( not a compliment! ). I believe we would see outside sources Jewish and non-Jewish who seek to destroy the Israeli spirit.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senate protocal / Palin / an exit strategy

How can you ask Senators to begin discussion on a bill they have not seen?and one that only the majority leader has the power to make changes to, despite 2 Senatorial bills (after deliberations), and without knowing what the cost will be?That is what Sen. Reid is proposing.

Gov. Palin is a phhenomona,and the media cannot get enough of her.While I have my doubts about the depths of her understanding of foreign policy ( she can't be worse that Obama)it is clear that liberals are frightened of her,because she is not a left wing feminist.We have a long way to go, and she will be a major part of the story.
My advice for her, is to take 3 months off after the book tour and travel the world and meet world leaders to understand our needs and future.

I have read much about WWII, and do not recall hearing about an exit strategy.Our one goal was total victory.That must be our only agenda in Afghanistan.Anything less will allow the terrorist structure to reform and threaten nour country.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The economy / bowing /Apologizing for hiroshima

Of course we all read the statistics to guage the economoc morass.Last nite howevever we had a slightly different angle to examine.Sheila and I have been going to concerts here in S. Florida every other week or so while we are in the area.Usually we go to either West Palm Kravis Center, or the auditorium at FAU (Florida Atlantic Univ.) which has a 2400 seat theater.Last nite at the latter site,with a full symphony orchestra only 700 patrons showed up.Yes, it is a little early in the season (Thanksgiving) but mainly it is the economy-I was told.

We have been to Japan a number of times.Twice when I was in Vietnam, and 2 or 3 times while on vacation.(always in the New Otani Hotel)
I love the bowing especially at the elevator,and on more than a few occasions have partaken in this lovely tradition.However I am not the President of the US ,and the people who I kept bowing to were not royalty.Perhaps it was an immature innocent gesture.
However,we Americans left England , royalty and subjugation,and our leaders bow to no human being.We stand erect and shake hands. The Obama bows to the Saudi Prince and now the Emperor were definately un-American.
Which leads me to point no 2.Obama is always apologizing for our history and greatness.If as rumor has it that he intends to apolgize for HIROSHOMA-NAGASAKI,that would be a great insult to Pres. Truman-Roosevelt(Churchill) all of our brave servicemen who were prepared to die in an attack on the Japanese mainland but were spared by the atomic-bombs.
If he did apologize,while I know it is not an impeachable offense-it should be! Let the Emperor visit Pearl Harbor!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amateur hour at the WH

The shtick that was pulled by the the WH during Bibi's recent visit was totally small time amateur hour.Probably originating from the Chicago mastermind Rahm Emanuel,the idea was not to let Bibi know if he he was meeting with the Pres. or not. Not only did they hold off the decision until after he had landed, they made sure to tell the press, that this was because they were not happy with his public plans on settlements.Then they allowerd no official photos of the meeting,and release pictures from the luncheon days later.
In addition, they quietly spread the word as to what transpired ( seems like nothing transpired) and then spread the word of the signifificance of a background picure on the wall,saying this was the Obama message.Namely you can be a great hero if you make concessions for peace.
No wonder the Obama approval rating in Israel is 4%-not a number that Israelis would feel confident in trusting him.
At the end of the day this hurts Obama and the "peace process" more than Bibi.
If the PA unilaterally declares statehood in violation of Oslo, then the next day, E-1 construction work should begin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SOA / Jimmy Carter II

Our Fort Hood Killer has business cards with his name on it. Under his name was
I do a lot of jumping from channel to channel, and to listening to MSNBC, you would have the impression that to call this "Islamic terrorism" is tantamount to prejudice,jumping to conclusions,Islamophobia etc.
The questions raised this evening about his possibly sending money to subversive sources,was raised by me a few days ago,when I asked what happened to his $90,000 salary?

Of course a President has to consider all options before sending troops to Afghanistan.however this long drawn out process, witj leaks by his advisors, can only lower the morale of the soldiers already there.
Surely it confirms to Israel,that they will never be able to count on Obama to commit to a tough decision on Iran.We are witnessing Jimmy Carter II but even in a worse presentation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anita Dunn / Hamas- Hezbollah / Elliot Spitzer

The departure of Anita Dunn (Mao's admirer ) as WH Communications person should send a lesson to her former colleagues.
While she had planned to stay only to the end of the year,she is best known for her initiation of the war on Fox.As we evaluate her war,she is gone, and Fox is not only still here,but has had increased ratings because of her efforts.Indeed Whether it is the NYT by Republicans in office or Fox by Obama, the best defense is an offense by going on their shows and subjectiong your programs to critical analysis and trying for " hasbarah".
Even today, the Gallup poll show Rep. House candidate surging for 2010 by 48-44% and the current Health bill support dropping like lead on the end of a fishing pole.

The news that both Hezbollah and Hamas have long range rockets capable of hitting every Israeli city, cannot be good news.What with Iran stonewalling, Israel will need strong leadership to make the correct decisions in the WEEKS ahead..

I was told that next week at the "Y" in NY, Avi (Allen) Dershowitz will debate J Street with Elliot Spitzer as moderator.I certainly believe in Tshuva ( repenetance) and rehabilitation.However I also believe that contrition involves allowing a SIGNIFICANT (years not months) period of time where the individual who has committed moral (and possibly criminal) activities be segregated from such public adulation .Otherwise, he/she could easily believes that what they did, and the shame they brought not only on his family, but our community is quite irrelevant .In essence "all if forgiven and fogotten."
Being on national TV and standing before an enthusiastic crowd at the Y,even if they did not come to applaud him,is the wrong message at this time for Mr. Spitzer and our community.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Fort Hood was the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.Although every few moments new facts and rumors appear, a certain trend is developing.
1.Despite the 9/11 Commission and all the reform in our intelligence community, we have not perfected our ability to have different agencies talk to each other.MILITARY INTELLIGENCE-FBI-CIA -THE MILITARY CHAIN OF COMMAND-all missed the boat.
2-Political correctness has no place in the prevention or fighting of terrorism.
Soldiers report that they informed their superiors about the Islamic feeling of Malik-What happened to their reports?What happened after he sent E-mails to the infamous Va. Imam(mentioned in the 9/11 report?
4-The President and Homeland Security, are playing the political correctness game .To what end? Will the world of Islamic terror love us or respect us because we downplay their role?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Islamic Terrorism is terrorism, unless its politically incorrrect / The Tea Party

Firstly I was extremely upset as I heard the President's initial statement regarding the Texas massacre.Instead of speaking to the crisis at hand, he began for almost 4-5 minutes on congratulating the members of a tribal meeting, and the calling out to a Medal of Honor winner.I found his behavior callous and insensitive.
When the President spoke, he was already briefed by his senior staff. The minute he said don't come to conclusions,I knew we were dealing with Islamic terror.
He knew the Doctor was a Muslim.
The FBI knew he was on the internet with elements extolling suicide bombers.
There are pictures of him in Islamic dress in public.
He was yelling " Allah Akbahr" AS HE MURDERED OUR SOLDIERS .
He publicly attacked and fought with fellow soldiers re the role of America in fighting Muslims.
Americans are not dumb, nor should the facts be kept from them in such a horrible situation.Despite the Administration the War against Terror is REAL!

When the FBI releases his phone records, bank accounts, internet connections,we will have a clearer picture , and possibly a more worrisome regarding Islam in our Armed services.We know what has transpired in our prisons with Islamic converts.
I personally would like to know where his salary was spent ,being single,living in a small rented apartment and with a reasonable Majors salary?
Despite Napalitanos calming words to Arab countries,we await Sen Joe Liebermans hearings on this issue.

As a conservative, I have no love for the liberal left.The President and his cohorts are moving too fast and to far to the left for our country.The rise of the "Tea parties" however is troubling.I am all for activism,and pressure on our elected representatives.However, third party groups are not helpful to our democracy.Moreover, Who are the leaders of this group? What are their names? Who is funding them?
More importantly. what do they believe in beyond fiscal resposibilty?
Although I will grant the one anti-semitic sign could be an abberation,I worry about these rallies with the singing, dancing and organization reminds me of church revivals.
We need to strenghthen the Republican Party,and if candidates atre too liberal, then the primary challenge is the correct path.
While I love Fox News,there is something artificial and scary about how these tea parties are developing.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Face Book

As of today, I am moving into a more modern world-FACEBOOK ( not twitter ! -yet )
shabbat shalom

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood

It is too early to know all the facts regarding todays Fort Hood's massacre.One should not jump to conclusions about the shooter because he has an Arabic name,and apparently was born in Jordan.In the back of my mind are lots of scenarios and questions.
As one who served both on an American base ( Fort Monmouth) and in a combat zone,I know that doctors do not have weapons at their disposal.The only time I was given a 45 pistol,was on the few occasions in Vietnam ,that we suspected the enemy might penetrate the perimeter.
Secondly, doctors in the military were given 1 day prior to overseas assignment to learn how to shoot a rifle and pistol.The impression of so many dead,and over 30 wounded by a psychiatrist with 2 pistols really does not make sense.
When they search his home,computer and writings,we will learn if his religious background was the problem,or it really was a mental problem regarding his future assignment to Iraq.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The limits of money / same sex marriage /Hillary about face

YES money is the mothers milk of politics.You cannot run without it. Yet as we saw despite being outspent 2-1, Christy pulled off an impressive win.
Similarly despite massive personal expenditures Bloomberg did not score the blowout predicted.
In both cases,the public clearly saw through the hype.As the NYT reports, Bloomberg is not the hero anymore.In fact in my eyes he is already a lame duck.
You have to love the spinmeisters.Pelosi calling last nite a "victory". A few more vicories like that and she will have to give up her big private military jet.
The WH (Gibbs) pointed out that NJ and Va were local races.Really? then why was the Pres. there on Sun for 2 rallies,as well as Biden and Clinton.And why 400,000 robo-calls by Obama before the election.
Yes they picked up NY-23 a very special contorted story.But even there you take the 45% of Hoffman and 6% of Scozzafava and you have a majority against the Dems.
The big story is
1- the lack of Presidential coatails
2- the role of independents flocking to the GOP, even as young people and blacks stayed home.


The same- sex marriage rejection is of course to be commended.Howevever there are certain moral issues that are not open to situational ethics ie. murder, theft. incest, bestiality and so on.

Hillary did some backtracking on her praise for Bibi. She sounds more like Obama.The capture of the Iranian arms cargo, only reinforces the danger of Iran to Israel and the world.The clock is ticking!
Thanks to my son Elli for Mondays blog.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Res Ipsi Loqitar( I hope I spelled it correctly)

Having spent yesterday and today traveling to Florida,and a little tired, I think there is no need for an extensive blog.
The huge sweep in Virginia by such margins and the N.J. win by Christy says it all.
It is still too early for NY -23, and the Congressional race in Calif., (which Politico describes as a possible upset for the Reps.)but that should swing to Hoffman.
The talking heads in the WH, NYT, CNN etc can say this has nothing to do with Obama-fine.But each of us knows that taxes,jobs,the economy, the huge shift to the left,all originate from Obama,and the people are frightened.
Tonite will surely change the outcome of Obamacare and Tax and Trade.
I can't wait for 2010!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Election Day

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

All Election Days can bring lessons as to the mood and direction of the country and tomorrow's vote will be no exception. Here are some of the crucial races to look for:

1. The Governor's race in Virginia: The Republicans are headed toward landslide victories in Virginia. What a repudiation of Obama this victory will be to Obama, who just a year ago took Virginia as part of his election victory. We were told at that time that this was part of a shift in Virginia from a red state to a blue state. I guess that shift lasted a full year.

2. The Governor's race in New Jersey- Chris Christie seemed like he would enjoy an easy win over inept incumbent Governor Corzine. But Christie has run a pointless campaign and lost his entire lead. The race is too close to call. The fact that Corzine has struggled so mightily in the bluest of states tells you a lot about the Democrats position nationwide.

3. The Mayor's race in NYC: Mayor Bloomberg looks like he headed toward victory over Bill Thompson. This will be the fifth consecutive election in which the Democrats have failed to win the NYC mayorality- this is the legacy that David Dinkins left City Democrats; his disastrous term as Mayor has left the Democrats in exile from Gracie Mansion in a City that is 80% Democratic.

4. The House Race in the 23rd District in NY- The race is now between the conservative, Doug Hoffman and the Democrat, Bill Owens. The Republican candidate dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, thus proving how poor a choice the Republicans made in nominating a left winger to try to win this right-leaning district. A victory by Hoffman will strike fear in blue dogs, who know that the anger that has propelled Hoffman to the lead is also rising in their districts and will soon be a weapon against them. The Democrats are trying to portray this a purge against Republican moderates- this is a poor attempt by Democrats to try to shield themselves from acknowledging that a Hoffman victory could portend serious trouble for the Democrats in 2010.

5. Gay Marriage in 2010- Voters will have the opportunity to overturn gay marriage, which was passed by the legislature. Each side will make a big deal out of a victory since gay rights usually is a loser when it appears on the ballot.

6. The Nassau County legislature- I have been extremely impressed with the campaign that Howard Kopel has run against Jeff Tabak in my local district as the Republicans attempt to take back the Nassau County legislature. Nassau County has one of the highest property tax rates in the country and Republicans have hammered this point home in the election. Good luck Mr. Kopel tomorrow.

Lets hope the good guys win tomorrow.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Radical GOP / Flu shots / new appointments at Homeland Security

What is quite clear is that the WH and liberal media are trying to paint the GOP as being taken over by R wing fanaticss, and they will thus lose the moderates as they strenghthen their base.
They use Scozzafava as an example of a moderate.Yet her views are way to the left of even most Dems,on healthcare, tax and trade,abortion, union checkoffs the defecit etc.
After this Tuesdays elections,if the Reps sweep all 3 or come very close in NJ. that is the argument they will make for their loss.However it is the grass roots that are talking-they have had enough of 1 party tax and spend. JUST AS THERE IS A LIBERAL POINT OF VIEW IN THIS COUNTRY,THE COUNTRY OVERWHELMINGLY IS TO THE R OF CENTER.
That will be the battle in 2010.-to define what are the parameters the American people want-it surely is not Left wing socialism-Obamaism.

Two weeks ago I went to my internist for the flu and H1N1 shots.He had no supply of the latter.
However I am thrilled to read that the prisoners in Guantanamo will recieve the H1N1 shots.
Our govts priorities are always " on the mark".

Thanks to my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein for bringing to my attention heretofore unknown appointments to Homeland Security on Aug 20, 2009,- both described as "devout Muslims"
Arif Alikan as Asst Sec and Kareem Shora as a member of the Advisory Board.
Don't you feel more secure now?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scozzafava withdraws / Christies weight

On Oct 22, I brought up the question of Scozzafava withdrawing in the NY 23rd race, so Hoffman could win .Well she has taken that step today, and it should change the dynamics of the race.

I am really not pleased with the Christie answer re. his weight. Yes, humor is always effective.
However he should have pointed out that his weight did not stand in the way of putting scores of "thin" corrupt Democratic politicians in jail!
Nor did politicians of "normal " weight do an effective job in NJ on jobs,taxes and corruption.
Of course people in itially react positively when a svelte in dividual comes into the picture.
However the mature person realizes that after the Brooks Bros. suit, comes competence ,leadership, political philosophy and so on.,not how fast you can jump out of a car.

Friday, October 30, 2009



How many of you would trust a 2000 page bill originating in Congress, written by one party behind closed doors, to be fair,well run, free of corruption, able to meet the health needs of Americans and not to cost the taxpayers a mint ?
If you say you do, then you will get what you deserve

No of Jobs Saved?

I think the White House has understated the new jobs created/saved with the stimulus.They talk about 600,000 or a million.Some more doubting souls count just 30,000.
However if you follow WH logic, then perhaps 20 million jobs saved by WH action-BECAUSE everyone who wasn't fired or laid off- another credit for the stimulus and the brilliant economic team!
Yet today I heard that despite yesterdays numbers, we should not be suprised by 11% unemployment by the end of next year.
I guess more taxes, more uncertainty on the economic front, more govt. hires, more stimulus, more cash for clunkers- surely will solve all problems.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polling / Pelosicare / Hagel

Today we poll everything,as though John-Q-Public has an educated position on every issue.Thus it is funny to see Rasmussen say the there is a 50% DIVIDE AS TO WHETHER CELL PHONE USEAGE IS RELATED TO BRAIN CANCER.
(someone asked me,why sometimes I use capital letters?The truth is I am a terrible typist and have to concentrate on my fingers,and by the time I realize that I used capitals,I am too lazy to go back).
Surely this is a scietific question,and not a sociologic one.

You have to hand it to Speaker Pelopsi,how she can stand there and say with a straight face that the new bill is defecit neutral.
What with the CBO saying this is a 1.0555 trillion dollar bill,and the fact that 250 billion for doctors has been removed, but will be added at a later time,plus all the tax increases and so on this is truly a gigantic hole in our deficit.Plus the bill does away with Meicare Advantage,which millions of seniors love.

The appointment of Sen. Chuck Hagel as Vice-Chairman of the Inelligence Board is another poke in the eye for the pro-Israel community

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is talk of investigating AARP.It is long overdue.People like myself who get close to 60 join because they believe this is an organization that represents seniors.
Who are the officers? who elected them ? what are their salaries? How do they decide what stance to take on public policy issues?
Soon you realize they are basically a front for the sales of health insurance policies sold by United Health.
Their role in initially supporting Obamacare,was a clear attempt to have millions of new subscribers join them, regardless of the fact that SENIORS OVERWHELMINGLY OPPOSED THE BILLS.
Now there is an effort underway to force them to register as an insurance company.Hopefully there will be some sunlight beamed on their operations.

Air America the left wing blog(?) which has me on their e-mail list,today calls Joe Lieberman "the bummer", and is collecting the top 10 opponents against him for 2012.
(so much for independent thinking)

To read accounts of the J Street convention should make one laugh, if it were not so sad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



All Saints Day

All-Saints Day is five days away,and has become one of the most commercially profitable days for business.Tradititionally children go from house to house for"trick or treat.
In our building in Fort Lee, there is a big sign in the lobby, asking those who would welcome these children to sign up.The hours are from 3-6 PM.
The fact that you change the name for commercial purposes to Halloween, doesn't for one moment change its origin or meaning.Three quarters of the people who signed up are Jewish, and the hours are in the midst of shabbat.
I wish these people had as much enthusiasm for say Simchat Torah celebration as Halloween.
In a similar vein, Valentines Day, is St. Valentines Day,and New Years Day Jan 1, is a Christian holiday celebrating the circumcision of their leader.

Monday, October 26, 2009


This mornings poll from the NY 23rd district battle is encouraging and amazing if true.
Conservative Hoffman is now leading at 31% with the Dem Owen at 27% and the Rep. Scozzafava 3rd with 20%.A Hoffman victory along with wins in Va and perhaps NJ will show that the Rep-conservatives can make great headway in 2010.

I just finished reading A SAFE HAVEN -Harry S. Truman and the founding of Israel,by Allis and Ronald Radosh.This 2009 book (a fathers day gift to me)is an extensive study of the events from FDR to the May 15 announcement of Statehood.
Truly a fascinating book.I would like to cover 4 main points that impressed me

1-Hatred for the Jews and their place in the ME,has been constant.At every opportunity to discuss,negotiate or allude to the need to bring Jews frem the DP camps to Palestine,the Arabs could only counter a generic " we will wipe their blood on the desert floor. This includeded face to face meetings with FDR, HST, the UN or its Commissions.

2-Political pressure, lobbying and personal contacts works in the U.S. where even Presidents look at potential results from upcoming elections where Jews play a key role.Eddie Jacobson, Trumans buddy and partner,was key in arranging Presidential appointments that Truman did not want to transpire-such as a critical one with Chaim Weitzman.

3-The State Dept is in herently an Arabist institution.Not only did they try to stop the creation of the State, but they used sabatoge against the President.
Even after Truman recognized the State,they were busy trying to negate the Pres.

4-The heroic efforts of Clark Clifford and the role of President Truman deserve everlasting gratitude from the Jewish people and nation.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The rioting should be handled with force ,as apparently is the plan of the authorities.Those who organized this unrest should be prosecuted.

The announcement of the amount of money that Mayor Bloomberg is spending on his campaign is obscene.
No normal candidate can comprte with hundreds of million dollars of personal outlay.
The whole campaign to repeal term limits ,no matter how good a mayor he has been,stinks to high heaven.
However with that kind of money,the rich and powerful line up to kiss his posterior.

Friday, October 23, 2009

J Street

The J Street emergence is extremely troubling.It is not as the Jewish Week in its editorial claims, a matter of different points of view.HERE YOU HAVE AN ORGANIZATION SPONSORED BY ARAB AND MUSLIM SOURCES, THAT ARE OUTIDE THE PARAMETERS OF DIFFERENCES OF OPINION.This includes Gaza, Hamas,JERUSALEM,Iran,and what is the root cause of the PA-Israel divide (Israel of course).Pressure on Israel is one of their main talking points.
With "Zionists" like that what need is there for Arab groups?
It would be comparable to "Jews for J----". The fact that they call themselves Jews,doesn't mean we have accept them as such.
J Sreet can call themselves "Zionists" but that is where the relationship ends.`
Sadly former Minisrter Livni sent 3 Kadimah representatives to the convention.

For myself,, I believe that pro-Israel PAC's and contributers have to lay the law down to members of Congress.If you accept money from J Street, forget the rest of the community.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I certainly echo the Conservative voices and the WSJ editorial regarding the special Congressional election in the 23 NY district.Dede Scozzafava a very liberal Republican is running against a liberal Dem.However, a Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman is picking up speed.
Many are asking Scozzafava to step down, as her finances are dry and she has no chance of winning in this conservative district.Hoffman can win if she withdraws.

On this the 15th an n iversary of a Jordanian -Israel treat,almost 99% of Jordanians have neg feelings for Israel,and by a 2-1 majority support rocket attacks on Israel.NICE NEIGHBORS!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gen. Jones / Rubio in FL


This Aug will be the primary date for candidates for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Mel Martinez. It opriginally looked like an easy Republican victory for Gov. Charlie Crist.But now, former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio is coming up in the polls.Todayhe has halved the margin of Crist who is now at 50-35%.
If the election were held today,I would vote for Rubio,because once Crist endorsed the stimulus package,who can assure me he will not be another Olympia Snowe.?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fasting for Gaza / Fox / J street

I wonder if the left-wing "Rabbis" group Taanit Tzedek fast on Tisha B'Av, and other fast days the way they allegedly do monthly to protest the Gaza closing.
Did they fast monthly when 8000 rockets hit Sderot etc. from Gaza?
The Jewish people are so small in number,yet masochism and self-hatred are endemic.
Which brings us to Judge Goldstone, who is upset that the UN Human Rights Commission took his anti-Israel report,and deleted any neg references to Hamas,and added charges against Israel for E. Jerusalem activities.THEY DON'T PLAY FAIR!

If the US doesn't veto the report in the Security Council, then all lingering doubts about Obama's feelings will go down the tube.

When I was in college,as a pre-med,I wanted to take a course in English Constitutional and Political History.When asked by the Dean ( who was the course instructor ), why I AS A PRE-MED STUDENT wanted to take this course, I answered "Nil Humani a me alienum puto" Nothing human do I consider alien.That to me is the defintion of a liberal approach to life,an open mind and a desire to hear all sides in a controversy.
When the Republicans were in the WH,and the NYT released the Pentagon papers, or criticized the war or domestic policy,no one accused the Times,or WashPo ,CNN etc of being un-American.No, dissent was our constitutional right. Today the all-out WH war on Fox not only turns our constitution on its head, but will come back to bite the Dems in the next Rep. administration.
Surely a slippery slope.

Bravo to Amb. Oren for refusing to attend the J Street convention next week.There can be no compromise with haters of the Israeli democracy while they reside outside of Israel.If they want to criticize-good, make aliyah- and do so within the Israeli body politic, and not try to divide the American public.

Monday, October 19, 2009


The decision to paint Fox as a non"news" entity, and that it has a "point of view" appears to be counter-productive.
Every President desires to be loved,and hates criticisms However criticism from left and right are part of our system.This President has been placed on a pedestal by the media,and the mainstream media avoid even the mildest objections to policies or personel.Thus when one network seems to have hit a raw nerve, they cannot take it.They lash out,and hope to quarantine the network not only from the public, but from other networks using material that originates on Fox.
The problem for them, is that not only is the public responding by increasing the Fox ratings , but slow as they are to react eventually other networks have no choice.Thus ACORN, Van Jones and now Anita Dunn are stories that wind up on other networks.
Rev. Wright,Bill Ayers,examination of czars,tea parties, the summer Congressional healthcare local confrontations,and so on have primarily originated on Fox.
Yet when MSNBC talking heads like Rachel Madow advocate a public option,or attacks Republicans every nite,that is acceptable because she supports Obama.
Even non-conservative media are telling Obama -get a life,and accept the criticism like a man,or better yet,send your representatives to Fox and express your point of view.
As we get closer to election time,the WH will abruptly reverse their stand.In fact a good percentage of the Fox listening audience are independents,who put Obama into office.Polls now show this group is leaving Obama.Attacking Fox will not help his poll numbers with that group.
The real question is why CNN and other networks are appearing to go along with their soft ball approach to the tough issues?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The world we live in

My son Elli,had to attend a fancy black tie dinner for one of the clients of his law firm at a fancy hotel.At the conclusion of the event, he and another Associate got up to leave.Both of them as orthodox Jews were wearing yarmulkes.
The guest of honor had arranged a large gift for their attendees as they each left the ballroom.As my son and his colleague approached the table where they anticipated this nice gift,the woman behind the desk turned to them and said"I'm sorry only one per couple"!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Hoax

This morning Drudge reports on an apparently deranged individual that caused a riot in Columbus Ohio. She rented a limo and driver,went to a clothing store,and announced she had won a lottery of $500,000, and had 1.5 million to spend to buy clothing for everyone in the store.
People got on their cell phones and called friends etc, and soon there was mayhem.Why? because it was all a hoax.After she maxed out her $5000 credit card ,she ran away.The limo driver turned her in to the police, because he was not going to be paid.In the meantime, when the people in the store found out that they were not getting free clothing, they rioted and destroyed the store.
Sounds to me like Obama healthcare-promise the people-no taxes, better care,no problems with reduced coverage,no bias against elderly citizens and so on,and of course no increase in the defecit.
Seven years from now,when the people will find out,that we have socialized medicine a-la Canada and G.B., and that all the promises were a hoax,and a crude political scheme,will they riot? throw the rascals out of office, or just be complacent? By then Obama and team will be about ready to retire to the lecture circuit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wexler leaves, / Nobel Committee

As a constituent I am overjoyed that Cong. Wexler will be leaving the House tomorrow.His new position with a left wing group financed by Slim-fast owner Danny Abraham will certainly afford him a better salary.However what effect he can have on ME peace is problematic,as there is no movement visible in the near future.And if Hamas and the PA join in a unity move without Hamas accepting Israel and previous agreements,likely Israel will call off any real contact with Abbas.
Perhaps if I were 20 years younger,I would consider a try for the GOP nomination in the district(in truth I am only in the area 7 months a year).However it is a job for a younger person,who wants to spend their days raising funds for the next election.

My friend Yoram Ettinger in his letter to his friends, notes an interesting aspect to the Nobel Prize.
Look at the awards committee.It's Chairman Thorbjorn Jagnon,is a former PM, and
Foreign Minister.He is known for his opposition to US and Israeli policies.He is also Chairman of a Peace and Human Rights group that has advanced a dovish-leftist world view,in cooperation with Jimmy Carter.As a member of Parliament,he represents a body that wishes to deal with Hamas,have dialogue with Iran, condemns Islamophobia, and until Obama has attacked US and Israeli policies.
They believe the US must resist unilateral military or political interventions.
The purpose of the award says Yoram, is to Europeonize US policies.He concludes , that the negative reactions to the award, may turn out to be a reverse of the Baalam story-they came to bless but wound up cursing.
The group that does the choosing are not experts, but ideologically-oriented politicians.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thoughts from Israel

I am most appreciative to my son-in-law Dr. Paul Ratzker for his excellent blogs, while we were away.
On Friday,as I was getting ready for shabbat,I found out about the Nobel Award-I thought it was a joke,and I quipped "Is he sharing it with Ahmenadjead?"
Of course the joke was on me!
The whole world has commented on Why?
Black ? He is not Bush!,A backhanded jab at Israel from the worlds left,reinforcing a warning not to attack Iran ?
Cerainly the award has been cheapened,but then again Arafat and Carter have done their share.Although in truth Carter did have the peace treaty!
Someone forgot to tell N. Korea,Iran and the Arab world that they are supposed to be more inclined to allow the Nobel Laureate to do his magic.
I wish the Pope much good health ,for if he passes away,Obama would be a natural!Perehaps he can elected as Papal Designee?

I spoke to the Chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Israel.He noted there are 500,000 American citizens in Israel,of whom 300,000 voted in the last election.Over 70% voted Republican.
When Succoth started someone walked into our shul succah,and announced that Brazil won the Olympic slot.Everone especially the Americans were hi-fiving it .
As Israeli Ambassador Oren has said there cannot be peace unless the Israeli public feels that Obama can be trusted.Right now the polls show only 4% of Israelis believe Obama is a friend.

It is not clear to me why Israel and and the American pro-Israel community is supporting Egypt.They are instigators of problems at the UN etc., even as they take megadollars from the US. Similarly the PA is getting money and support for their police/army as they poison the atmosphere with Israel.

Reading Haaretz, is like reading Al-Gezeera.Three different people told me the same "joke", namely that Haaretz really would like to go back to the good old days-the British Mandate.

The good news is that the Shalem Institute is beginning a liberal arts college, that will be zionistic.This is the Dore Gold.Michael Oren, Sharansky school of Zionism.

Finally we spent Yom Kippur in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.Great Cantor and choir.It is something that one must experience, as 1600 Jews gather under one roof.
However, to a certain extent it is part of the social scene of "see and be seen", primarily for affluent foreigners.The atmosphere in Netanya where we spent Succoth to me at least had a richness of warmth and tradition, perhaps because the synagogue is smaller and the atmosphere more in timate.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Speech Prize

The awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama takes an award that had already become suspect down to joke level. At least prior unsavory recipients such as Jimmy Carter or Yasir Arafat had actually achieved something. Certainly reasonable,serious people would scoff at the Oslo peace accords or the successful promulgation of questionable climatological science.At least these were actually accomplishments. As even Saturday Night Live (hardly a conservative outfit) noted, Barack Obama has achieved next to nothing.
It is even more astonishing to recognize that the committee had to submit their votes by early February - after three weeks in office! Essentially the award must have been, based on his landmark inaugural and campaign speeches that we all know have changed the world. Some have surmised the award is predicated on the (hope) for the future. This is akin to giving the Heisman award to the highest rated high school football recruit. Why actually play the games?
Perhaps most disturbing of all, is the denial of the award to those truly deserving. There are many freedom fighters who have risked their lives in Burma ,Iran and other repressed regimes who were passed over. In fact this award, voted on by five Norwegians selected by Norway's parliament should not be given anywhere near the attention it receives. If recipients' accomplishments are a joke, the award itself should be treated as such.

Paul Ratzker

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NJ and Va.

We are entering the homestretch of the two important political races this year, for the New Jersey and Virginia Governorships. These offer interesting contrasts.
Chris Christie has lead by 10 - 12 points throughout the spring and summer. His lead has now shrunk to 2 - within the margin of error.The race was his to lose and he is doing a good job.Corzine's approval rating is below 40% . The state is an economic basket case with the highest combined income,sales and property taxes in the nation. The only net jobs that have been created in the past ten years are in a public sector that is out of control.
One would think that Christie would be hammering away on reducing taxes and spending. He basically has been doing anything but. He believed his anticorruption record would be all he would need. Now Corzine has been putting out ads tying Christie to Bush, and himself to Obama. Apparently in New Jersey this works.
The state may in fact be hopeless, perhaps suicidally liberal. Yet certainly a better, more focused campaign on Christie's part would be welcome.
The story is far different in Virginia. Republican candidate Bob McDonnell leads Democrat Creigh Deeds by 8 points. He has successfully linked Deeds to many of Obama's core policies such as cap and trade, card check and public option health care. Former Democratic Governor Wilder declined Obama's urging to endorse Deeds. Obama's approval rating in Virginia is below the national average i.e. in the mid 40's. In a sensible, middle of the road state like Virginia, connection to Obama is a liability.
It will be interesting to watch these races evolve over the next month.

Paul Ratzker

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Several unrelated postings for this blog :

Yesterday's strong rejection of any public health option by the Senate finance committee was obviously a very welcome event. All 10 Republicans held firm(including Maine moderate Olympia Snowe), and were joined by 5 and 3 Democrats in the respective votes. In addition to the importance of the committee vote itself, I believe it prognosticates severe difficulty for passage of a public option in by the full Senate. It is notable how strongly Red state Democrats are opposed to the idea. Democratic Senators from states such as Arkansas,Florida,Louisiana,Nebraska and others have already voiced strong concerns and/or will be under intense pressure to vote against any such plan. One poll in La. for example found respondents against a government run health option by a 2:1 margin.

Tomorrow is the opening round of negotiations with Iran. It will be interesting to watch both the tone and content of the talks. I fear the Obama administration is only interested in talking tough to the press, as opposed to the Iranians. The chance of meaningful sanctions, at least at this stage seems unlikely. I hope I am wrong.

Lastly, I would like to suggest reading Maureen Dowd's piece in the Times today. Although right thinking people would ordinarily avoid her column like swine flu, today is an exception. She wrote an insightful and touching mini-memoir about William Safire. It is actually interesting to get a glimpse of an arch liberal's interaction with and estimation of one of the great conservative writers of our time.

Paul Ratzker

Friday, September 25, 2009


It was disappointing to read today's front page New York Times review of their recent poll. Basically, it found that Americans are skeptical regarding Obama/Democrats health care plans. In fact, despite Obama's recent address to Congress and his appearance on five Sunday news shows this week, 55% of those surveyed feel he has not explained his plans for changing the health care system. Unfortunately, the same survey found that 76% felt Republicans in Congress have not clearly explained theirs. The Democrats and a compliant media have successfully portrayed the Republicans as the "Party of No". That is simply being in opposition to reform without any ideas of their own.
Actually, many Republican strategists and politicians have very clearly expressed well defined proposals. These have generally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News etc. Clearly these ideas have not reached the general public. I feel the best way to counteract this would be for all Republicans to articulate two to three of the following very well defined principles and challenge the Democrats to challenge why they are against them.

1. Malpractice Reform: Caps on non- economic damages have been successful in California for 35 years. Most recently, Texas demonstrated that malpractice reform very quickly leads to increased health care availability, lower premiums and greater competition. There is no need for "demonstration projects".

2. Tax breaks or credits for individuals buying health insurance: There is no reason for individuals not to have the same tax benefits that businesses do.

3. Allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines: If one can buy auto insurance in any state, why can't one purchase health insurance as well? Individual state mandates often require one to purchase coverage for such things as in vitro fertilization, chiropractic care, or even hair transplants. Obviously, many would choose to forgo these items in favor of cheaper policies. Nothing would increase the competition amongst the insurers ,something that Democrats supposedly favor,more than this.

The public best understands brief , well defined points. Republicans would be best served by simply asking why Democrats are opposed to malpractice reform that has not only clearly worked, but is also favored by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Why are they opposed to allowing individual tax breaks for health care coverage? Why are they opposed to allowing Americans to choose from any and all available policies throughout the country? In other words, make the Democrats the "Party of No".

- Paul Ratzker

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Standing up to Washington is nothing new

As was clear, he did not allow either Abbas or Bibi to speak.Had they done so, it woulkd have been clear, that they are not on the same page.
Year after year, Arabs go out of their way to screw themselves by being impractical.Why Abbas believes he will see Bibi talk about a divided Jerusalem , or stopping natural growth of settlements is beyond me.
As the new year unfolds, and we get closer to Congressional elections, this issue will fade in importance.This is especially true if the Reps pick up Va. and N.J. gubernatorial races this Nov. and unemployment stays at 10%.
By then we will know what if anything will have passed in healthcare,but it doesn't look like a major Obama victory.Tnen will come "tax and trade", and again a major battle that will take administration energy.Add this to Afghanistan, and the Pres. has a fullplate.

Today we leave for Israel until after Succoth, and my son-in-law Dr. Paul Ratzker will be blogging as his schedule permits.
Again a G'mar chatimah tovah, and a good yom tov to all

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


However, the Arabs are learning, you cannot negotiate with a government and refuse to consummate the deal in the hope that a better deal will come along, and then go back to where you left off with a new administration.
Arafat and Abbas missed the boat,and with Bibi's election with a R wing govt.,and the lessons of Gaza, Israel is not in a mood to stop either settlements,divide Jerusalem or admit a fifth column of Arabs.
Thank G-d Olmert is history!
Obama who looked strong 3-6 months ago is now weak. His concern for a failing domestic agenda, THE LEAKS OVER A FAILING POLICY IN AFGHANISTAN AND NO PROGRESS WITH IRAN, are part olf his problem.
The Europeans are unhappy over the lack of action on environmental issues ,and his party is fractured on that issue, financial reform and healthcare.
The polls are not a positive issue for him.
Thus he settled for a photop-op,howevever Abbas is too weak to compromise,Hamas too strong to allow him to do so, and Bibi does not have his heart or political will in the direction of Palestinian murderers.
Bibi is doing great, and let the talk about more talk begin!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Judge Goldstone has con tinued his war on Israel,claiming that those who refuse to punish the evil-doers ( the IDF), are in effect war criminals themselves.
I have a different take for our modern Dr. Goebbels.
He who undertakes to smear and defame a country whose only crime is to defend themselves and their citizens must share the guilt with the aggressors.Not only does the good Dr.,who represents Cuba , Libya and a whole cast of world degenerates on the Un-Human Rights Commission, dirty the name of righteous and heroic defenders of the Jewish people, but he and his cohorts will encourage Hamas. Hezbollah and Iran to plan further attacks on Jews.
After all if a Jew like the good DR. belittles the value of Jewish life, then little is expected of the Islamic fundamentalists.

We spent Rosh Hashonah with our children in Teaneck.
Cong,B'nai Yeshurin had 1700 praying in 4 minyanim.What was amazing yesterday from 4-7 P.M,was when THOUSANDS OF ORTHODOX JEWS MARCHED DOWN ENGLEWOOD AVE TO THE LAKE BY RIVER RD. TO CELEBRATE TASHLICH(symbolically throwing your sins into the water). All the streets were closed, with a heavy police presence. There was a holiday mood,as children in strollers,and seniors in wheel chairs witnessed the gathering from many of the Teaneck synagogues. In this festive spirit, there was no rowdyness, only smiles as neighbors greeted each other in their holiday finest.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Now that the NAACP Bill Cosby and many prominent Blacks ,as well 12- 17 % ( who are these people) of those answering polls believe that criticism of the President is racist then the following must be asked.
What are the parameters of dissent against a black politician?Are you allowed to get passionate in your disagreement?How do we know that disagreeing on legislation is not a sign - to paraphrase our great former President of "Racism in my heart"?
Or are we trying to stifle dissent?
I was thinking that when Colin Powell and Condi Rice were Sec. of State, and one disagreed, race never came up.Now this political correctness is a major problem, that threatens open debate.

Three cheers for Bibi for not caveing in to pressure of Mitchell both on settlement construction , and not agreeing to continue negotiations from where they left off.As Bibi said,if there is a meeting -fine ,if not also fine.

shana tovah to all

Thursday, September 17, 2009


There is so much to write about in this crazy world.
The UN report by Judge Goldstone is a wonderful place to start.Thousands of rockets for months and months on innocent civilians,and Israel is accused of war crimes in Gaza. The whole report is a biased blood libel against the morality and dignity of the nation of Israel and its brave soldiers.
Yet we know for a fact that thousands of warning leaflets were dropped on civilian areas, missions aborted when civilians were present,and 200,000 telephone calls were made by the IDF to Gaza residents prior to ATTACKS IN SPECIFIC AREAS.THE REPORT DEPENDS HEAVILY ON ARABS WHO LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH,ESPECIALLY REGARDING USING THEIR OWN CIVILIANS AS HOSTAGES.
Like the rumors goung around in Arab countries that Israel is harvesting organs from their children for sale,we are once again in an era of blatant anti-semitism a-la Goebbels-THE BIG LIE.

Watching Fox and their expose of ACORN has been a learning experience.Yet, when I skimmed channels and listened to Rachael Madow on MSNBC,my wife and I were in major laughing mode,as she and some kook,described the Republicans and conservatives as off the mental chart.The guest said that soon they will call Obama the "anti-Christ".
The failure of CNN,MSNBC,CBS and NBC to cover this story up until last nite,and the failure to cover the Van Jones story speaks to the deterioration of the media as an independent modality in our society.TIME MAGAZINE HAS AN ATTACK , AND UNFLATTERING PICTURE OF GLENN BECK ON THEIR COVER.

The decision to cancel the ABM's in Poland and the Czech Republic may or may not be a wise move.However taking this path without obvious concessions from Russia on Iran, is pure amateur nite in diplomacy.The possible gasoline embargo,the need for real sanctions,and the prevention of the sale of S-300's are not mentrioned.
Israel is being forced to act on its own ,as the WSJ 's Bret Stephens pointed out yesterday.

That is enough complaining for 1 day.
I hope that all my readers will have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year,and may we see peace iin the world.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In other words=

perhaps run by the NT Times-Washington Post editorial Board.

Ask the Black Caucus=or Gov. Patterson(Pres. Carter, Charlie Rangel etc)

A few years ago I sat next to Thomas Friedman on the NY-Washington shuttle.I told him I disagreed with his whole weltaanschung regarding the Middle East.He answered that as long as I read his columns, he was happy.
Sorry to say, that I don't have the stomach for him or his paper anymore.Living in an apartment house where the read newspapers lie in the incinerator room,I occasionally steal a a peek at the NYT prior to their heading for where they belong'

Fridman's column on China is so puzzling as to make you wonder how could he write such nonsense.But of course the underlying theme-Obama is great,and the opposition ia pathetic!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


just yesterday every arab COUNTRY except egypt and jordan walked out of an atomic energy meeing in vienna, when the head of the israeli Atomic Energy commission gave a talk.
No hugging-kissing-shaking hands etc.NO COURTESY!

Monday, September 14, 2009

American prejudice?

It is amazing that Democrats are using the race card to to explain Obama's falling numbers.
First it was a mob,then they were un-american, then mobsters and right wing hooligans.
No mention of budget deficits,10% unemployment, a general feeling that the President has NOT LIVED UP TO "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN"
Now because he is black!There is no way to disprove such nonsense-of course we have prejudice in our society,however the polls are representing Independents who voted for Obama.

The administration should look in the mirror, and examine why middle America is angry-and it's not because our Pres. is black, but his total shift to the left sans bipartisanship.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


In its classical anti-Israel stance,todays NY Times has pieces definately meant to reinforce the liberal agenda.
One is a crtical negative book review of Norm Podhoretz's book "Why Jews are Liberals?".
I suggest those who would like to hear a con servative point of view, look at the symposium in the current Commentary magazine on this topic.
The other is a puff piece in the Sunday magazine section on "J Street".
For an in depth analysis of who they are I suggest you look at todays Jerusalem Post where Lenny Ben-David, a former AIPAC professional and a senior diplomat in the Israeli embassy in Washington , gives the true scoop.
Tonite I spoke in Rockland County at ASHAR on the topic "were Jews wrong about Obama?. I DISCUSSED BOTH OF THESE ISSUES EXTENSIVELY!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The world is ignored

American soldiers dying in Iraq,a fixed election in Afghanistan with a war going poorly lead the news.Iran thumbs its nose at the US, as it steps up its nuclear development.At the same time they send weapons to the Taliban,and make deals with Chavez.
Will Iranian rockets aimed at the US be placed in Venezuela as payment for the gasoline?
You could keep going, but the only issue raised is "health"This is a weak Presidency a-la Jimmy Carter.
No wonder the Europeans are happy with Obama-they see no US leadership!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Of course the appearance of the President of the US to school children should be welcomed in a non-partisan manner.However, it now comes out that when Bush 41 spoke, the Dems blasted him and held hearings to uncover that it took 26,000 dollars to stage the event.
The problem with the Obama talk was the proposed lesson plan. Whether the talk was diluted of political matter after the hoo-hah- we don't know.

It now appears he will go for it, and appease his left base.Certainly it is a gamble which I hope he loses.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I don't understand the relative silence of Congressional Republicans on the Honduras situation .I find it hard to believe that we are imposing penalties on a country that is a friend,and one that follows the rule of law.The Supreme Court of Honduras and the Legislature have both ruled that the attempt to rewrite election laws was unconstitutional. Republicans should force a sense of the Congress resolution supporting Honduras.

I just have the feeling that the attacks by Obama on Bibi,are part of a charade that will allow Bibi to say to his coalition,look at the pressure I am under.It will allow the US to say to the PA , we have placed as much pressure as possible.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


"That view (high praise) wasn't shared by the far rightlike the OU former President who blogged on the eve of Kennedy's death"rarely in America has a more unworthy person been accorded such deep respect as is regularly heaped upon Kennedy.Ganchrow, a retired proctologist opposed Kennedy's health care proposals and said instead of being treated with expensive modalities the ailing idiot Senator from the Peoples Republic of Massachussets should go into Hospice,take an Asparin (sic) and say his daily prayers."

Firstly the paper combined two different blogs by 2 different persons. Had they read the blogs and not tried to play cutesy they would not have done what transpired.

On August 16, questioning the lack of response on the part of the Aministration re: questions raised as to how without additional doctors,additional funds and rationing of care, they could add 45 million new subscribers,I wrote that Senator Kennedy an aged person with a terminal disease,insists on receiving expensive modalities of treatment.He should , I said,be an example, go to a Hospice,take an Asparin (as previously advocated by the President to the 100 year old lady in need of a pacemaker) and say his prayers,.I CONCLUDED (NOT PART OF THE NEWSPAPERS QUOTE) THAT THIS APPROACH IS ON TAP FOR MERE MORTALS UNDER OBAMACARE. That of course was the point I was trying to make!


Quoting Kennedy's first Senatorial opponent,that if his name was Edward Moore,(not Kennedy) his candidacy would be a joke.Then he went on to say that "rarely in America has a more un- worthy person been accorded such deep respect as is regularly heaped upon Kennedy....(see todays NYT interview of Norman Podhoretz on Kennedy).
Turning to the attempt by the Kennedys to change the succesion law,he wrote "In 2004 as John Kerry the other idiot masquerading as a US Senator from the Peoples Republic of Massachussets chased the Presidency,the Dems changed the State law........
Again he never called Kennedy an idiot.

The paper certainly owes me and the blog GANCHROWWORLDVIEW.BLOGSPOT.COM an apology for its sloppy approach in order to make headlines.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Extremism- Jewish style

The healthcare debate has become quite heated over the summer.However the self-apponted arbiters of Jewish extremism have raised the issue that when someone says "socialism," or "euthanasia" it is part of a right wing plot.
Says the Jewish Week story this week,"flash ther words euthanasia and Nazi and socialism"in front of them ( the r-wing) and it taps all this built-in anger.
It is outrageous to add a fewLaRouche supporters into the mix of the huge majority of those who oppose a public option, and claim that opponents are extremists or using the contoversy to advance r-wing causes..
In the whole story on the reform backlash in the JW,,there is no mention of budget deficits,and the rationing of medical care.
I have written twice that the witholding of medical care from seniors is a form of euthanasia.Indeed,the British press these last few days have highlited such activitity.
To oppose all or some of the President's plan is not immoral, radical or un-American.
Perhaps it is the attacks on the protesters that are immoral and un-American.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I thank my son for blogging for me while we were in Ireland.The Jewish community in Ireland today measures 1200 individuals.The Orthodox synagogue in Dublin has 3 minyanim a day,and about 100 people came for Shabbat services.
The Rabbi is a young Chabad Rav,but the entire congregation is ashkenaz.At the kiddush asfter services I had an opportunity to speak with the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.He is obviously on the liberal side of the political spectrum in Israel.
Unlike the 4% my son quoted as thinking Obama is pro-Israel,the Ambassador believes he is a friend.He notes that (he just returned from Israel) that the Mitchell-Bibi talks are going well,and the eventual resumption of talks with the PA are a good beginning.Whether this is his personal belief or the party line I do not know.
The weather was rainy each day,however the people are just about the warmest you could find.
For the first time ever we stayed in a B&B that was recommended by the Rabbi,near the shul.The owner serves a kosher breakfast,and has a constant flow of orthodox Jews from the states and Israel

Monday, August 31, 2009

New York politics

Elli Ganchrow writes:

Today's Rasmussen Reports poll has Obama's job approval at a new low of 46%. With Republicans gaining momentum nationwide, it is disheartening to follow the Republican Party here in New York. 2010 will present a historic opportunity for Republicans, as Governor Patterson and Senator Gillibrand will each be on the ballot. Rarely has New York been represented by more inept politicians than at the present time- our Governor and the state legislature are national laughingstocks and Senator Gillibrand is not much better.Yet Republicans have yet to unify around a candidate for either race. It seems that Republicans are waiting for Rudy Guiliani and George Pataki to decide and throw their hats into the ring. Republicans should tell them that these campaigns need to be started now- either get in or move aside. These races are too important for Republicans to wait any longer.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Main Stream Media

Elli Ganchrow writes:

I was a big fan of Tim Russert and regularly watched "Meet the Press" on Sunday mornings to catch his tough interviews of both Republicans and Democrats. Since his death, I hadn't watched any of the Sunday morning news shows- until this morning. I caught a few minutes of John King and Howard Kurtz on CNN and David Gregory on NBC. Each show was to focus on Ted Kennedy's life and accomplishments (neither show really touched on any of his accomplishments- being that his sole accomplishments was being born with a famous last name and having two successful brothers). The guests consisted of Kennedy's relatives, supporters and Democratic Senators Kerry and Dodd, each of whom testified to what a swell guy the late Senator was. Neither show resembled a news program but rather a documentary sponsored by the Democratic party. My favorite moment came when Howard Kurtz, the "media critic" who works for CNN (how a media critic is supposed to be even-handed when he works for CNN is beyond my understanding) asked a local Boston reporter about the reaction to Kennedy's death to which the reporter replied that she couldn't imagine any Republican politician deserving the same type of send-off that Kennedy received. Really? How about the first President Bush? I will take his resume of Congressman, CIA Director, Republican party chief, UN Ambassador, Vice President, President and father of a President. Sort of beats a resume of Senator and unsuccessful presidential candaidate. Yet this idiotic remark went unchallenged by Kurtz nor by the other participating reporters. The fact is that the main stream media has become part and parcel of the Democratic party machine. Reading the New York Times or watching CNN or MSNBC has become the equivalent of watching an Obama infomercial. It is no surprise that the top 10 cable news shows all appear on Fox News. People are regularly turning to Fox (and the Drudge Report on the internet) to get unfiltered news without the left wing bias. The media should pick up on this trend and make the necessary adjustments to put the "main stream" back in main stream news.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama and Israel/Ted Kennedy/More good Poll news/Dad's take

Elli Ganchrow writes:

All you need to know about Obama's Middle East policy is summed up by a poll quoted in today's Jerusalem Post which found that 4% of Jewish Israelis feel that Obama's policies are pro-Israel. Personally I am surprised that the number was that high. Obama's obsession with settlements borders on the absurd- he is in for rude wakeup call if he thinks a partial freeze on settlements is the key to progress in the peace talks.

I was at the denist's office today for 2 hours and watched Fox News during the entire visit. The only thing discussed was the death of Senataor Kennedy. The coverage of his death has been truly over the top. The discussion does not center on his alcoholism, his expulsion from Harvard, his car accident which killed a woman (in which he neglected to call the police until the next day), etc. Rather it centers on his being the "Lion of the Senate". As Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, if he was the Lion, then we were his prey.

My father called from his trip to ask if I thought Mitt Romney would run for the open Senate seat. Its an interesting thought- but it appears that numerous people on both sides of the political spectrum will think about running for this seat. Its been a long time since there has been an open seat in Massachusetts and its likely that more than one candidate on each side will announce. Of course, nothing will happen until after the funeral.
RealClearPolitics has a poll showing Senator Lincoln trailing two unknowns for her Arkansas Senate seat. Yet more evidence that Democrats are in for a tough time this coming political cycle.