Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fasting for Gaza / Fox / J street

I wonder if the left-wing "Rabbis" group Taanit Tzedek fast on Tisha B'Av, and other fast days the way they allegedly do monthly to protest the Gaza closing.
Did they fast monthly when 8000 rockets hit Sderot etc. from Gaza?
The Jewish people are so small in number,yet masochism and self-hatred are endemic.
Which brings us to Judge Goldstone, who is upset that the UN Human Rights Commission took his anti-Israel report,and deleted any neg references to Hamas,and added charges against Israel for E. Jerusalem activities.THEY DON'T PLAY FAIR!

If the US doesn't veto the report in the Security Council, then all lingering doubts about Obama's feelings will go down the tube.

When I was in college,as a pre-med,I wanted to take a course in English Constitutional and Political History.When asked by the Dean ( who was the course instructor ), why I AS A PRE-MED STUDENT wanted to take this course, I answered "Nil Humani a me alienum puto" Nothing human do I consider alien.That to me is the defintion of a liberal approach to life,an open mind and a desire to hear all sides in a controversy.
When the Republicans were in the WH,and the NYT released the Pentagon papers, or criticized the war or domestic policy,no one accused the Times,or WashPo ,CNN etc of being un-American.No, dissent was our constitutional right. Today the all-out WH war on Fox not only turns our constitution on its head, but will come back to bite the Dems in the next Rep. administration.
Surely a slippery slope.

Bravo to Amb. Oren for refusing to attend the J Street convention next week.There can be no compromise with haters of the Israeli democracy while they reside outside of Israel.If they want to criticize-good, make aliyah- and do so within the Israeli body politic, and not try to divide the American public.