Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Saints Day

All-Saints Day is five days away,and has become one of the most commercially profitable days for business.Tradititionally children go from house to house for"trick or treat.
In our building in Fort Lee, there is a big sign in the lobby, asking those who would welcome these children to sign up.The hours are from 3-6 PM.
The fact that you change the name for commercial purposes to Halloween, doesn't for one moment change its origin or meaning.Three quarters of the people who signed up are Jewish, and the hours are in the midst of shabbat.
I wish these people had as much enthusiasm for say Simchat Torah celebration as Halloween.
In a similar vein, Valentines Day, is St. Valentines Day,and New Years Day Jan 1, is a Christian holiday celebrating the circumcision of their leader.