Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scozzafava withdraws / Christies weight

On Oct 22, I brought up the question of Scozzafava withdrawing in the NY 23rd race, so Hoffman could win .Well she has taken that step today, and it should change the dynamics of the race.

I am really not pleased with the Christie answer re. his weight. Yes, humor is always effective.
However he should have pointed out that his weight did not stand in the way of putting scores of "thin" corrupt Democratic politicians in jail!
Nor did politicians of "normal " weight do an effective job in NJ on jobs,taxes and corruption.
Of course people in itially react positively when a svelte in dividual comes into the picture.
However the mature person realizes that after the Brooks Bros. suit, comes competence ,leadership, political philosophy and so on.,not how fast you can jump out of a car.