Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Radical GOP / Flu shots / new appointments at Homeland Security

What is quite clear is that the WH and liberal media are trying to paint the GOP as being taken over by R wing fanaticss, and they will thus lose the moderates as they strenghthen their base.
They use Scozzafava as an example of a moderate.Yet her views are way to the left of even most Dems,on healthcare, tax and trade,abortion, union checkoffs the defecit etc.
After this Tuesdays elections,if the Reps sweep all 3 or come very close in NJ. that is the argument they will make for their loss.However it is the grass roots that are talking-they have had enough of 1 party tax and spend. JUST AS THERE IS A LIBERAL POINT OF VIEW IN THIS COUNTRY,THE COUNTRY OVERWHELMINGLY IS TO THE R OF CENTER.
That will be the battle in 2010.-to define what are the parameters the American people want-it surely is not Left wing socialism-Obamaism.

Two weeks ago I went to my internist for the flu and H1N1 shots.He had no supply of the latter.
However I am thrilled to read that the prisoners in Guantanamo will recieve the H1N1 shots.
Our govts priorities are always " on the mark".

Thanks to my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein for bringing to my attention heretofore unknown appointments to Homeland Security on Aug 20, 2009,- both described as "devout Muslims"
Arif Alikan as Asst Sec and Kareem Shora as a member of the Advisory Board.
Don't you feel more secure now?