Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amateur hour at the WH

The shtick that was pulled by the the WH during Bibi's recent visit was totally small time amateur hour.Probably originating from the Chicago mastermind Rahm Emanuel,the idea was not to let Bibi know if he he was meeting with the Pres. or not. Not only did they hold off the decision until after he had landed, they made sure to tell the press, that this was because they were not happy with his public plans on settlements.Then they allowerd no official photos of the meeting,and release pictures from the luncheon days later.
In addition, they quietly spread the word as to what transpired ( seems like nothing transpired) and then spread the word of the signifificance of a background picure on the wall,saying this was the Obama message.Namely you can be a great hero if you make concessions for peace.
No wonder the Obama approval rating in Israel is 4%-not a number that Israelis would feel confident in trusting him.
At the end of the day this hurts Obama and the "peace process" more than Bibi.
If the PA unilaterally declares statehood in violation of Oslo, then the next day, E-1 construction work should begin.