Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senate protocal / Palin / an exit strategy

How can you ask Senators to begin discussion on a bill they have not seen?and one that only the majority leader has the power to make changes to, despite 2 Senatorial bills (after deliberations), and without knowing what the cost will be?That is what Sen. Reid is proposing.

Gov. Palin is a phhenomona,and the media cannot get enough of her.While I have my doubts about the depths of her understanding of foreign policy ( she can't be worse that Obama)it is clear that liberals are frightened of her,because she is not a left wing feminist.We have a long way to go, and she will be a major part of the story.
My advice for her, is to take 3 months off after the book tour and travel the world and meet world leaders to understand our needs and future.

I have read much about WWII, and do not recall hearing about an exit strategy.Our one goal was total victory.That must be our only agenda in Afghanistan.Anything less will allow the terrorist structure to reform and threaten nour country.