Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood

It is too early to know all the facts regarding todays Fort Hood's massacre.One should not jump to conclusions about the shooter because he has an Arabic name,and apparently was born in Jordan.In the back of my mind are lots of scenarios and questions.
As one who served both on an American base ( Fort Monmouth) and in a combat zone,I know that doctors do not have weapons at their disposal.The only time I was given a 45 pistol,was on the few occasions in Vietnam ,that we suspected the enemy might penetrate the perimeter.
Secondly, doctors in the military were given 1 day prior to overseas assignment to learn how to shoot a rifle and pistol.The impression of so many dead,and over 30 wounded by a psychiatrist with 2 pistols really does not make sense.
When they search his home,computer and writings,we will learn if his religious background was the problem,or it really was a mental problem regarding his future assignment to Iraq.