Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The limits of money / same sex marriage /Hillary about face

YES money is the mothers milk of politics.You cannot run without it. Yet as we saw despite being outspent 2-1, Christy pulled off an impressive win.
Similarly despite massive personal expenditures Bloomberg did not score the blowout predicted.
In both cases,the public clearly saw through the hype.As the NYT reports, Bloomberg is not the hero anymore.In fact in my eyes he is already a lame duck.
You have to love the spinmeisters.Pelosi calling last nite a "victory". A few more vicories like that and she will have to give up her big private military jet.
The WH (Gibbs) pointed out that NJ and Va were local races.Really? then why was the Pres. there on Sun for 2 rallies,as well as Biden and Clinton.And why 400,000 robo-calls by Obama before the election.
Yes they picked up NY-23 a very special contorted story.But even there you take the 45% of Hoffman and 6% of Scozzafava and you have a majority against the Dems.
The big story is
1- the lack of Presidential coatails
2- the role of independents flocking to the GOP, even as young people and blacks stayed home.


The same- sex marriage rejection is of course to be commended.Howevever there are certain moral issues that are not open to situational ethics ie. murder, theft. incest, bestiality and so on.

Hillary did some backtracking on her praise for Bibi. She sounds more like Obama.The capture of the Iranian arms cargo, only reinforces the danger of Iran to Israel and the world.The clock is ticking!
Thanks to my son Elli for Mondays blog.