Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle's gown / ME failure

Yes Michelle Obama's gown was gorgeous etc.,howevever the fact that she appeard taller than the President,and outshined the wife of the short and plain dressed Indian PM, made her appear as "too much" .It is routine at Presidential events to make sure there is symmetry between the parties.Michelle was out for the kill .Her outfit would have been more appropriate for Madame Sarkhozy.

The failure of the Presidents ME approach is totally his own fault.
1-He raised the bar for the PA, thinking that he could get Israel to stop construction in Jerusalem.Once he raised the point,they are refusing to compromise.
2-He counted on the Saudis to play a positive role by amending the "Saudi Plan".no such luck
3-He felt if he slammed Bibi with a demand for total "settlement" cessation, he would buckle. It showed an arrogance that only served to have all of Israel rally around Bibi.
4-He thought that stopping settlements was the key to Iranian cooperation-silly and immature thinking. No one signed on to that notion.
5-He thought that the force of his sweet talk would solve the Iranian nuclear problem-it can't and the clock is ticking!