Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chanukah in the WH / Taxes

Having been a guest at White House Chanukah parties,it seems unreal that the reason the party was cut in half,was because of the cost.In fact very little food was available,only some of it kosher.The military staff is not paid by the hour,and the highlight really besides "see and be seen" is lining up for a 25 second photo with the President and first lady.
I do not want to be paranoid and claim that this has anything to do with Israel-settlements and Bibi, however aside from the fact that most Jews voted for Obama,he has no natural long term association with Jews outside of his Illinois crowd.

It is so difficult to understand how with a rising defecit,massive unemployment and failed programs that were meant to create jobs, the Dems are still talking about more taxes and even more taxes.It is the young people who will get hit badly with increased forced insurance premiums,payroll taxes,increased capital gains and now a proposed "war tax".
The handwriting is on the wall for a massive turnover in Washington in 1 year.