Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anita Dunn / Hamas- Hezbollah / Elliot Spitzer

The departure of Anita Dunn (Mao's admirer ) as WH Communications person should send a lesson to her former colleagues.
While she had planned to stay only to the end of the year,she is best known for her initiation of the war on Fox.As we evaluate her war,she is gone, and Fox is not only still here,but has had increased ratings because of her efforts.Indeed Whether it is the NYT by Republicans in office or Fox by Obama, the best defense is an offense by going on their shows and subjectiong your programs to critical analysis and trying for " hasbarah".
Even today, the Gallup poll show Rep. House candidate surging for 2010 by 48-44% and the current Health bill support dropping like lead on the end of a fishing pole.

The news that both Hezbollah and Hamas have long range rockets capable of hitting every Israeli city, cannot be good news.What with Iran stonewalling, Israel will need strong leadership to make the correct decisions in the WEEKS ahead..

I was told that next week at the "Y" in NY, Avi (Allen) Dershowitz will debate J Street with Elliot Spitzer as moderator.I certainly believe in Tshuva ( repenetance) and rehabilitation.However I also believe that contrition involves allowing a SIGNIFICANT (years not months) period of time where the individual who has committed moral (and possibly criminal) activities be segregated from such public adulation .Otherwise, he/she could easily believes that what they did, and the shame they brought not only on his family, but our community is quite irrelevant .In essence "all if forgiven and fogotten."
Being on national TV and standing before an enthusiastic crowd at the Y,even if they did not come to applaud him,is the wrong message at this time for Mr. Spitzer and our community.