Monday, November 16, 2009

The economy / bowing /Apologizing for hiroshima

Of course we all read the statistics to guage the economoc morass.Last nite howevever we had a slightly different angle to examine.Sheila and I have been going to concerts here in S. Florida every other week or so while we are in the area.Usually we go to either West Palm Kravis Center, or the auditorium at FAU (Florida Atlantic Univ.) which has a 2400 seat theater.Last nite at the latter site,with a full symphony orchestra only 700 patrons showed up.Yes, it is a little early in the season (Thanksgiving) but mainly it is the economy-I was told.

We have been to Japan a number of times.Twice when I was in Vietnam, and 2 or 3 times while on vacation.(always in the New Otani Hotel)
I love the bowing especially at the elevator,and on more than a few occasions have partaken in this lovely tradition.However I am not the President of the US ,and the people who I kept bowing to were not royalty.Perhaps it was an immature innocent gesture.
However,we Americans left England , royalty and subjugation,and our leaders bow to no human being.We stand erect and shake hands. The Obama bows to the Saudi Prince and now the Emperor were definately un-American.
Which leads me to point no 2.Obama is always apologizing for our history and greatness.If as rumor has it that he intends to apolgize for HIROSHOMA-NAGASAKI,that would be a great insult to Pres. Truman-Roosevelt(Churchill) all of our brave servicemen who were prepared to die in an attack on the Japanese mainland but were spared by the atomic-bombs.
If he did apologize,while I know it is not an impeachable offense-it should be! Let the Emperor visit Pearl Harbor!