Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health rationing / It's the economy-stupid / Equal coverage!

A few weeks ago just prior to our coming to Florida, my wife had a routine mammogram scheduled.Unfortunately, when she got there, they realized she was one day shy of a year and a day in between exams.
The current controversy highlites the role that will be played by Govt. in rationing medical care.It appears that this panel did not have any expert on breast cancer .Yes rationing as I point out above is prevalent,however with the new Obamacare it will become quite severe.
At the end of the day of course is when some panel says,"sorry your father is 84 years old, and we can't spend that kind of money on him for a new hip etc" ( the so- called death panels)

As a followup of my blog of Mon.- we went to see La Traviata last nite at the West Palm Beach Kravitz Center.Normally 2500 people normally crowd this magnificent edifice.Last nite 6-700 attended.Of course this is Madoff and Rothstein territory,however it speaks to the general economy.

Drudge makes a great point:
The AP assigned 11 fact-checkers to go over Palins book,and not a single one for Obama's.
I rest my case