Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bibi and Kadima / TSA

The Netanyahu offer to Kadimah was interpreted by most in Israel as a power grab,which was turned down.I thought that the offer was for a pre-Iranian invasion.Perhaps I was wrong.
Others believe Bibi is moving toward concessions to Abbas based on the 1967 borders,and he felt he needed Kadimah in case his Right wing rebelled.
Based on his history ,and that of Sharon his old Likud leader, (where is he? ) it is hard to believe that the spirit of Yehuda -Shomrom and an undivided Jerusalem truly reside in his heart.But he is a pragmatist,and wants to be a survivor,and at this time it is difficult to see that he has a real negotiating partner in Abbas.

Threee cheers for Sen. Demint who has put a hold on the vote for TSA administrator.The problem is the threat to unionize the TSA.We do not allow the FBI,the military or Secret Service to unionize.The TSA must be contolled and be mobile based not on union rules, but security cpncerns.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cancer Analogy

All my professional life as a colon-rectal surgeon I operated on an untold number of cancers.
The goal is of course get rid of the cancer and cure the patient if possible.
Theoretically you could start with going after each cancer cell which could be floating in the system and attach itself to an an organ and grow.
Alternatively you realize goal one is to remove the tumor and the major sources of spread ie. the lymph nodes and veins near the tumor which often will be enough at an early stage.After that,you can assess does the patient need chemetherapy for the loose or metastatic cells,realizing that with the main tumor gone, most indivdual cells will be killed by our immune system.
President Obama,yesterday promised to go after every single individual involved in terror.That would take a thousand years,and lead to many successful terrorist attacks on Americans.He never acnowledged that there is an international conspiracy of Islamic fundamentalists who are the brains and heart of that movement.
Unless we declare war on them, the rest is an exercise in futility.Wipe out the bankers,state supporters and home base of terrorism,yes a few bad actors will survive.However our country will be in a much improved status and with improved technology and proper intelligence, our airways will be safer.
Hide your head in the sand and arrest these guys before proper military/CIA questioning,read them their Miranda rights and you lose all important information to prevent another attack.
What is wrong with our President?

Monday, December 28, 2009


Everyone is saying the same thing--they haven't connected the dots.
Not in Fort Hood,where they knew about the shooter,his vocal anti-Americanism and his e-mails ,but did nothing for fear of political correctness.
Here they knew the man,and the British knew him also, yet no action.Even a warning from his father yielded zero results.
There is no G-d given right to travel to the US. There are billions of people in the world.So what if 550,000 are on a no-fly list.It should not require a conviction.If someone is incorrectly placed on it they can appeal.However when in doubt -keep them out!
Look at the picture on the internet of the jockey shorts with room for the explosives.Patting down the thighs as we said yesterday is pure theatrics.I have been through the machine that blows a chemical to pick up explosives.We need many more of them,total body scans and bomb sniffing dogs.
However as I said yesterday, and on previous blogs,profiling is not un-American if we are protecting our population from a clear and present danger.
These are NOT criminal acts,but part of a world-wide terrorism war by Islamic fundamentalists on our way of life.If we don't wake up,they surely will succeed in blowing up something we hold dear with loss of life.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


My son and his family came home one hour ago on Jet Blue from Aruba.He described bedlam at the airport.The passengers were all patted down.Remember the terrorist had it taped to his underwear-what good is a pat -down that doesn't examine your privates?.
They allowed no TV on board,so terrorists would not know where they are.You mean if you have a 4 hour flight,you cannot figure out after 3 hours and 35 minutes as you feel the plane descending, where you are? or if you see the NY skyline or the coastline in Rockaway you don't know that you will be on the ground soon.
And the no blankets and upright seats for the last hour,is that so the prospective terrorist should aim to blow up the plane over the water or at 35,000 feet and not in the last hour?
He felt that those who inspected the carryons had under 6 minutes of instructions.

Crazy request /Napolitano must go

There is a report that the US has requested an explanation from Israel regarding the death of the 3 terrorists who killed Rabbi Chai zt"l. HUH?

If there is one incompetent individual in the Cabinet, it is Sec. Napalitono who told the media that the system was "working" in regard to the latest terrorist attempt.Had the device gone off,or the young man not jumped over the seat,we would have seen a real disaster.
She is smoking too much funny stuff.She has yet to call the Ft Hood event a terrorist attack,in fact she does not use the word "terror".Where did the current terrorist get the explosives? Harrods?
It is time for her to resign, and let's get a real professional security person to get us back on track.
Stopping blankets for the last hour,or no bathroom facilities will not stop Al Queda. We need to place the entire network of suspects on the No-Fly list,and increase total body searches not of nuns or grandmothers,but those with Islamic backgrounds, even if some are unnecessarily inconvenienced.It's also time to introduce the total body scan,and create a line that there will be minimal embarressment and maximum safety.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unity Govt. / Harry Reid on the Iran resolution / State Dept. Chutzpah

I had predicted months ago,that as Israel gets ready to attack Iran,Bibi will call for a National Unity Govt.He now has done that.The public reason is the Shalit negotiations,howevever that doesn't require a unity govt.Livni spent 2 hours with Bibi on security matters.
I felt the reason that Bibi asked Ehud Barak to stay on ,was to avoid having to start all over with military plans sgsindt Iran.
On the Israel front Sen. Reid,who I know from his Congressional days ,and was a visitor to Huvpac, was always 100% on our issues.He announced that in spite of State Dept. opposition, the Senatewill take up the Iranian resolution passed by the House in Jan.

Shame on Hannah Rosenthal State Dept head of Anti-semitism,who blasted Ambassador Michael Oren(Israeli us Amb.) in an Haaretz interview, for failing to attend the J Street convention.She called his absence "unfortunate".
Since when does a foreign government advise or criticize another counry for failure to attend a meeting.This is the height of chutzpah.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


If I were a campaign manager for the Republican Party preparing for next Years election, I would develop the following approach.
Create a fuLL-page ad with a list of every single Obama promise made during the campaign, and in the next column how he betrayed his promises (or denied saying it)and the public trusr.
Of course I would follow-up with TV-internet ads with his exact words.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abu Mazen / more scandals

While Abu Mazen (Abbas) wears a nice suit,is loved by the press and Obama ,we should not forget that this holocust denier is an Arafat in a suit.At Camp David and subsequently he prevented any PLO compromise on "REFUGEES"Jerusalem etc.
Were there to be an election today in the West Bank he would lose.
His elected term is over,and he does not represent anyone in Gaza.He has prevented any real negotiations,because he took the Clinton-Mitchell-Obama hard line on settlements and is digging in his heels.
As history repeats itself, the Arabs lose everytime when an opportunity for peace arises,but fail to respond.

Sadly the chilul hashem of the scandal in Toronto,and the sentencing of the Spinka Rebbe for 2 years in federal prison on kicking back 95% of millions of dollars in donations (while giving a full tax receipt) are new disgraces to the Torah community.

Equally sad are these women running to the Kotel,and in the name of egalitarianism or civil rights creating a disturbance.Everyone is welcome at the kotel, if you follow the rules of the State and the authorities.Political posturing belongs in the street.How long would they last marching in a major Church or the Vatican disturbing their routine?

Monday, December 21, 2009


It will be good for a change after Thurs. to stop hearing about the health bill on every channel-at least until Congress returns.Forgetting the merits of the bill,the methodolgy stinks.
In the end it is not clear what will be accomplished that made this fight worth it.No one has really analyzed who and why millions do not have insurance-including potential medicaid recipients who just never signed up, illegal immigrants,young healthy people who will probably opt to pay a fine rather than join and so on.
The insurance companies get millions of new clients, without affecting theit anti-trust protection. Despite an Obama campaign pledge big Pharma prevented the importation of cheap but safe drugs and they also beat back the generics.
All in all, not a proud moment for democracy or the legislative process.

The WSJ today had a magnificent summation in their editorial column analyzing the Senate bill-
it is a must read.

Today the WSJ also outlines the steps Ehud Barack will take to clamp down on the settlements.These include military forces and drones.Next should be detention camps!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Since the bill will ( if the House follows the script) not be signed until next year,and thye real effects of higher taxes later on,it is clear that the Dems own this bill lock stock and barrel.
Whenever a senior has a long wait in a doctors office or ER,Obama ,Reid and Pelosi's image will appear.When their insurance premiums go up,the same image.And when Medicare denies coverage,or a doctor refuses to accept new medicare patients a similar vision.
Hopefully the Republicans will run on the theme "REPEAL OBAMACARE" and push for enough of a majority to block funding wherever possible, until 2012 when a Republican President can undue some or all of this monstrosity.
The potential for a major upheaval in the 2010 election is real, and if unemployment stays high, could become a reality.So far Obama and his economic team are in way over their heads with no results.There is a limit to the tax and govt. spending approach.
Thankfully Copenhagen was a bust and no damage done to our economy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rubio vs Crist

I wrote a memo 2-3 days ago to former Speaker Rubio who is callenging Gov. Crist for the US Senate seat in the August Florida primary.
Until the latest Rasmussen poll no one gave Rubio a chance.Last week, I recieved a fund raising letter from Rubio,with a picture of Crist embracing Obama.Crist did support Obama's intital stimulus in a public way and is now beginning to feel the heat from Republican conservatives.The letter was all about the economy and conservative principals .The worry is that Crist might be like Olympia Snowe and not be a conservative stalwart.
Yesterdat the poll showed Crist and Rubio even-amazing at this stage.
My note to Rubio was(even before the poll) that while the economy etc was critical.I wanted to see a position paper on Israel and all the nuances of policy in that varea.I pointed out that among Orthodox Jews,there are many conservatives in their political outlook, and Israel is at the center of their international concerns.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

any bill will do if it gets 60..../ military discipline


The rush of the House to pass a bunch of bills so they can go home for the holidays, is another sign of the breakdown of our legislative process.Don't read the bill,don't undersand or analyze-follow the leader and pray whatever is in there will get 60 votes!

No country,certainly no democracy can function if soldiers are allowed to publicly disobey or challenge orders from superiors. Those who refuse to obey must do so in a civil manner,and accept the punishment they are given.The actions of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed in challenging the Defense Ministry despite any feelings for the issues raised could not go unchallenged.Hopefully cooler heads in the Rabbinate of the Hesder Movement will prevail.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Britain as usual

It was interesting to read yesterday of an attack on the Queen of England who has visited 25o countries in the world including that of many despots , but never Israel.This primarily is the fault of the Foreign Office ,historically anti-semitic.They make her schedule.
Now come word of the arrest warrant for Tzippi Livni for "war crimes" by a London court.
Finally we have word that England is demanding that products such as fruit,wine etc., from the Golan and the West Bank be so labelled so they can be prevented from being sold as they come from "occupied territory".
It seems that for the last complaint alone,American Jews should consider a preliminary boycott of English products.If they don't change ,the boycott can be increased.
I remember well how Mexico yelled "uncle" after their vote for "zionism is racism" and tourism dried up.
How about it the Pres. Conference?

Monday, December 14, 2009


It has been a rough week for me secondary to my eye surgery.I thank Elli for his help.
I had a hole in my macula which was repaired at Bascom-Palmer in Miami. Part of the procedure is to inject an intra-ocular gas bubble to help healing.Thus I had to lie or sit head down (as well as sleep in a head contraption) for 1 week,which thankfully ended today.Even if things go well ,I will not be able to have real vision in the eye ,nor fly for 2 months,until the bubble dissolves.
The good part is that this operation was described in 19991 and before that there was nothing that could be done for the condition.
Just a note,that US News and World Report rates Bascom as the n0 -1 US eye center.

Much has happened in Washington during this week.In summary- "JUMP ON JOE"is the liberal byline.
Air America, the left wing outfit sends me these shrill e-mails that are so silly.Today they attack Lieberman and say that they propose a number of amendments that Lieberman would not oppose.Number one-Obama should resign...
It has taken a great deal of courage for him to finally resist the pressure although tomorrow all 60 Senators have been invited to the WH,and Drudge reports that the WH has told Reid to make a deal with Lieberman.
As I review the week.I fail to see how a program totally bankrupt can accept millions of new subscribers,subsidize them and not lower medical care,hurt doctors and hospitals and raise the deficit.The Democratic goal is just pass anything and claim victory.It won't work.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A look to 2010

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

In a blog I wrote on the night prior to Election Day, I wrote that people should watch a number of interesting contests including as to whether the Republicans could take back the Nassau County legislature. Not just did the GOP take back the legislature but the voters also threw out the Democratic "rising star" Tom Suozzi, who as Nassau County executive had high hopes to advance to higher office. The defeat of Suozzi and the Democrats in Nassau County, an area which had been voting for Democrats more and more often in recent years, is an example of the voter anger which has been building up against incumbents (and specifically, Democrats) as people do not see the economy and jobs picture improving quickly enough. This voter discontent can now be seen clearly in President Obama's approval rating (an average of 48.8% according to the poll of polls done by RealClearPolitics) and in polls showing longtime Democratic Senators such as Chris Dodd and Harry Reid trailing their potential Republican opponents, Senator Specter (the former Republican) trailing his opponent and Democrats in Delaware, Illinois, Colorado and Arkansas trailing or tied with their Republican opponents. The potential is there for Republicans to do great damage in 2010 to the Democratic majorities in both houses. Last week we even saw Karl Rove raise the question as to whether Republicans could take back the Senate in 2010 (although I think this is still a far-fetched idea). One thing the Republicans will need in the coming weeks if they hope to win big next November is to coalesce around a leader or leaders who can focus the voters on one or two major themes. That figure in 1994 was Newt Gingrich and President Bush through the 2000s. We still await that political leader who will lead the Republicans in the coming months.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Baucus/Climate Change/Health Care

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

I know I join all readers of this blog when I wish my Dad a quick recovery from his surgery.

One thing this country does not have a shortage of is politicians that act foolishly. Yet another example is Senator Max Baucus, who submitted his girlfriend's name to be the US Attorney in Montana. Did he not think that the public would find out about his act of nepotism? What could he have possibly been thinking? The other question is why is this not a bigger story in the media? The NY Times today told us that it was no big deal since Senators do it all the time- after all Democratic Senator Tim Johnson's 34 year old son was recently nominated as US Attorney in S. Dakota. Democrats don't seem as upset about these abuses as they were when they accused President Bush and Karl Rove with firing US Attorneys for political reasons. This is yet another reason that Democrats should be bracing themselves for heavy losses in 2010

You have to give Al Gore and his climate change friends a lot of credit- They have not allowed the brewing storm over their phony data to interupt their "Global Warming Conference". With 1,200 limos and 140 private planes, the conference is an odd way to cut down on emissions. Luckily for the rest of us, more and more Americans are waking up to the reality that man-made global warming is not the threat that the left would otherwise have us believe.
With tonight's news that Democrats have agreed on a private plan to take the place of the "public option", it seems that Democrats are one step closer to socialized medicine. Two questions still remain: What of abortion?- The Democrats stopped Senator Nelson's effort to restrict funding of abortion; yet the House passed a similar amendment. Which side will blink on abortion? Also, will the House go along with the Senate plan to drop the public option. As the Democrats dither on health care, Americans wonder when the Democrats will focus on job creation.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Silence of the media / The Dems on Healthcare / my upcoming absence

The failure of the cable and news networks to mention much less explore the hacked e-mails now known as "climate-gate" is quite unbelievable.Global warming has become a religion and a business where the facts and scientific investigation have no place, if they do not agree with the left wing's point of view.
I wrote in my auto-biography of Vice-President's Gore coming to a meeting I had arranged for OU leaders in the Sheraton Hotel in N.Y.
Gore,who I had first met when he was a Congressman running for the Senate served for a time as a war correspondent in Vietnam.HE KNEW OF MY SERVICE THERE FROM OUR MULTIPLE PREVIOUS MEETINGS(as well as his Chief of Staff who was a friend of mine when he served in a Senatorial office.)
Gore walked into the room,gave me a hug and announced to the group of OU leaders "Mendy and I spent many a nite in Vietnam trading war stories."
I was incredulous,for not only had I never met him in Vietnam,I certainly never traded war stories with him.
The V.P. who as we know invented the internet,was practicing the art that he has perfected in the global "warming" arena, bull....
Shortly after that event,there was an item in a political journal stating that one of Gores aides had told him to stop exxagerating.
But why should he? Look at all the money,prestige and power it has bought him as well as a Nobel prize.

So much has been written about the current fight over healthcare.I do not understand how Obama can look at himself in the mirror after promising bipartisanship and openness in govt.and yet is this close to overturning our whole health care system on either zero or perhaps one Rep. vote,despite the polls and an impending potential major shift in the control of Congress.

I will not be able to write this blog for at least 8 days (no its not for Chanukah)as I have eye surgery tomorrow that will require me to have my head down for the week.My son Elli will take over if time permits .

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No "victory" in the Obama lexicon

There is an inherent contradiction in the Obama speech.If as he previously said this is a war that must be won,because it affects our national security,then I understand his decision to send 30,000 troops.
However if so,name me a war from WW II,Korea,Vietnam ,Iraq and all the little battles and invasions Grenada and Haiti that our military could fix a definite time for withdrawal.Now in 18 months if the war is not won,then does that mean the Taliban and Al Queda are no longer a danger to us? We still have troops in Japan, Korea, Bosnia and so on.Next step in the appeasement-surrender train- bring everyone home for FORTESS AMERICA.
As I said last week, Roosevelt and Truman despite millions of troops ,casualties and uncertainty only used the term "victory" a term Obama never used last nite.
This is a disaster in the making.

I hope and pray, that the Israeli govt. will be working on new housing plans that can be unveiled the moment the 10 month freeze is over.Surely no progress will happen withh Abbas in that period.
Only perhaps we will see an Israeli attack on Iran.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Off to war! conversion

It is almost unbelievable that the Pres has announced a withdrawal date even before the troops are there,.
Question if you are the enemy and know that the US is sending troops for a limited period,what would you do ?
Me, I would bury my weapon go about my business for 2-3 years and come back for the final battle.
This is amateursville again!

The IDF Rabbinate will be be having a special shabbat to mark the formal conversion of 500 soldiers (P' vayakheil-pekudei) after which they will have circusision and mikve to complete the conversion process. This will take place in Netanya, and they are looking for sleeping quarters for 12-15 soldiers.