Monday, December 28, 2009


Everyone is saying the same thing--they haven't connected the dots.
Not in Fort Hood,where they knew about the shooter,his vocal anti-Americanism and his e-mails ,but did nothing for fear of political correctness.
Here they knew the man,and the British knew him also, yet no action.Even a warning from his father yielded zero results.
There is no G-d given right to travel to the US. There are billions of people in the world.So what if 550,000 are on a no-fly list.It should not require a conviction.If someone is incorrectly placed on it they can appeal.However when in doubt -keep them out!
Look at the picture on the internet of the jockey shorts with room for the explosives.Patting down the thighs as we said yesterday is pure theatrics.I have been through the machine that blows a chemical to pick up explosives.We need many more of them,total body scans and bomb sniffing dogs.
However as I said yesterday, and on previous blogs,profiling is not un-American if we are protecting our population from a clear and present danger.
These are NOT criminal acts,but part of a world-wide terrorism war by Islamic fundamentalists on our way of life.If we don't wake up,they surely will succeed in blowing up something we hold dear with loss of life.