Sunday, December 06, 2009

Silence of the media / The Dems on Healthcare / my upcoming absence

The failure of the cable and news networks to mention much less explore the hacked e-mails now known as "climate-gate" is quite unbelievable.Global warming has become a religion and a business where the facts and scientific investigation have no place, if they do not agree with the left wing's point of view.
I wrote in my auto-biography of Vice-President's Gore coming to a meeting I had arranged for OU leaders in the Sheraton Hotel in N.Y.
Gore,who I had first met when he was a Congressman running for the Senate served for a time as a war correspondent in Vietnam.HE KNEW OF MY SERVICE THERE FROM OUR MULTIPLE PREVIOUS MEETINGS(as well as his Chief of Staff who was a friend of mine when he served in a Senatorial office.)
Gore walked into the room,gave me a hug and announced to the group of OU leaders "Mendy and I spent many a nite in Vietnam trading war stories."
I was incredulous,for not only had I never met him in Vietnam,I certainly never traded war stories with him.
The V.P. who as we know invented the internet,was practicing the art that he has perfected in the global "warming" arena, bull....
Shortly after that event,there was an item in a political journal stating that one of Gores aides had told him to stop exxagerating.
But why should he? Look at all the money,prestige and power it has bought him as well as a Nobel prize.

So much has been written about the current fight over healthcare.I do not understand how Obama can look at himself in the mirror after promising bipartisanship and openness in govt.and yet is this close to overturning our whole health care system on either zero or perhaps one Rep. vote,despite the polls and an impending potential major shift in the control of Congress.

I will not be able to write this blog for at least 8 days (no its not for Chanukah)as I have eye surgery tomorrow that will require me to have my head down for the week.My son Elli will take over if time permits .