Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bibi and Kadima / TSA

The Netanyahu offer to Kadimah was interpreted by most in Israel as a power grab,which was turned down.I thought that the offer was for a pre-Iranian invasion.Perhaps I was wrong.
Others believe Bibi is moving toward concessions to Abbas based on the 1967 borders,and he felt he needed Kadimah in case his Right wing rebelled.
Based on his history ,and that of Sharon his old Likud leader, (where is he? ) it is hard to believe that the spirit of Yehuda -Shomrom and an undivided Jerusalem truly reside in his heart.But he is a pragmatist,and wants to be a survivor,and at this time it is difficult to see that he has a real negotiating partner in Abbas.

Threee cheers for Sen. Demint who has put a hold on the vote for TSA administrator.The problem is the threat to unionize the TSA.We do not allow the FBI,the military or Secret Service to unionize.The TSA must be contolled and be mobile based not on union rules, but security cpncerns.