Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Britain as usual

It was interesting to read yesterday of an attack on the Queen of England who has visited 25o countries in the world including that of many despots , but never Israel.This primarily is the fault of the Foreign Office ,historically anti-semitic.They make her schedule.
Now come word of the arrest warrant for Tzippi Livni for "war crimes" by a London court.
Finally we have word that England is demanding that products such as fruit,wine etc., from the Golan and the West Bank be so labelled so they can be prevented from being sold as they come from "occupied territory".
It seems that for the last complaint alone,American Jews should consider a preliminary boycott of English products.If they don't change ,the boycott can be increased.
I remember well how Mexico yelled "uncle" after their vote for "zionism is racism" and tourism dried up.
How about it the Pres. Conference?