Monday, December 14, 2009


It has been a rough week for me secondary to my eye surgery.I thank Elli for his help.
I had a hole in my macula which was repaired at Bascom-Palmer in Miami. Part of the procedure is to inject an intra-ocular gas bubble to help healing.Thus I had to lie or sit head down (as well as sleep in a head contraption) for 1 week,which thankfully ended today.Even if things go well ,I will not be able to have real vision in the eye ,nor fly for 2 months,until the bubble dissolves.
The good part is that this operation was described in 19991 and before that there was nothing that could be done for the condition.
Just a note,that US News and World Report rates Bascom as the n0 -1 US eye center.

Much has happened in Washington during this week.In summary- "JUMP ON JOE"is the liberal byline.
Air America, the left wing outfit sends me these shrill e-mails that are so silly.Today they attack Lieberman and say that they propose a number of amendments that Lieberman would not oppose.Number one-Obama should resign...
It has taken a great deal of courage for him to finally resist the pressure although tomorrow all 60 Senators have been invited to the WH,and Drudge reports that the WH has told Reid to make a deal with Lieberman.
As I review the week.I fail to see how a program totally bankrupt can accept millions of new subscribers,subsidize them and not lower medical care,hurt doctors and hospitals and raise the deficit.The Democratic goal is just pass anything and claim victory.It won't work.