Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abu Mazen / more scandals

While Abu Mazen (Abbas) wears a nice suit,is loved by the press and Obama ,we should not forget that this holocust denier is an Arafat in a suit.At Camp David and subsequently he prevented any PLO compromise on "REFUGEES"Jerusalem etc.
Were there to be an election today in the West Bank he would lose.
His elected term is over,and he does not represent anyone in Gaza.He has prevented any real negotiations,because he took the Clinton-Mitchell-Obama hard line on settlements and is digging in his heels.
As history repeats itself, the Arabs lose everytime when an opportunity for peace arises,but fail to respond.

Sadly the chilul hashem of the scandal in Toronto,and the sentencing of the Spinka Rebbe for 2 years in federal prison on kicking back 95% of millions of dollars in donations (while giving a full tax receipt) are new disgraces to the Torah community.

Equally sad are these women running to the Kotel,and in the name of egalitarianism or civil rights creating a disturbance.Everyone is welcome at the kotel, if you follow the rules of the State and the authorities.Political posturing belongs in the street.How long would they last marching in a major Church or the Vatican disturbing their routine?