Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unity Govt. / Harry Reid on the Iran resolution / State Dept. Chutzpah

I had predicted months ago,that as Israel gets ready to attack Iran,Bibi will call for a National Unity Govt.He now has done that.The public reason is the Shalit negotiations,howevever that doesn't require a unity govt.Livni spent 2 hours with Bibi on security matters.
I felt the reason that Bibi asked Ehud Barak to stay on ,was to avoid having to start all over with military plans sgsindt Iran.
On the Israel front Sen. Reid,who I know from his Congressional days ,and was a visitor to Huvpac, was always 100% on our issues.He announced that in spite of State Dept. opposition, the Senatewill take up the Iranian resolution passed by the House in Jan.

Shame on Hannah Rosenthal State Dept head of Anti-semitism,who blasted Ambassador Michael Oren(Israeli us Amb.) in an Haaretz interview, for failing to attend the J Street convention.She called his absence "unfortunate".
Since when does a foreign government advise or criticize another counry for failure to attend a meeting.This is the height of chutzpah.