Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rubio vs Crist

I wrote a memo 2-3 days ago to former Speaker Rubio who is callenging Gov. Crist for the US Senate seat in the August Florida primary.
Until the latest Rasmussen poll no one gave Rubio a chance.Last week, I recieved a fund raising letter from Rubio,with a picture of Crist embracing Obama.Crist did support Obama's intital stimulus in a public way and is now beginning to feel the heat from Republican conservatives.The letter was all about the economy and conservative principals .The worry is that Crist might be like Olympia Snowe and not be a conservative stalwart.
Yesterdat the poll showed Crist and Rubio even-amazing at this stage.
My note to Rubio was(even before the poll) that while the economy etc was critical.I wanted to see a position paper on Israel and all the nuances of policy in that varea.I pointed out that among Orthodox Jews,there are many conservatives in their political outlook, and Israel is at the center of their international concerns.