Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cancer Analogy

All my professional life as a colon-rectal surgeon I operated on an untold number of cancers.
The goal is of course get rid of the cancer and cure the patient if possible.
Theoretically you could start with going after each cancer cell which could be floating in the system and attach itself to an an organ and grow.
Alternatively you realize goal one is to remove the tumor and the major sources of spread ie. the lymph nodes and veins near the tumor which often will be enough at an early stage.After that,you can assess does the patient need chemetherapy for the loose or metastatic cells,realizing that with the main tumor gone, most indivdual cells will be killed by our immune system.
President Obama,yesterday promised to go after every single individual involved in terror.That would take a thousand years,and lead to many successful terrorist attacks on Americans.He never acnowledged that there is an international conspiracy of Islamic fundamentalists who are the brains and heart of that movement.
Unless we declare war on them, the rest is an exercise in futility.Wipe out the bankers,state supporters and home base of terrorism,yes a few bad actors will survive.However our country will be in a much improved status and with improved technology and proper intelligence, our airways will be safer.
Hide your head in the sand and arrest these guys before proper military/CIA questioning,read them their Miranda rights and you lose all important information to prevent another attack.
What is wrong with our President?