Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No "victory" in the Obama lexicon

There is an inherent contradiction in the Obama speech.If as he previously said this is a war that must be won,because it affects our national security,then I understand his decision to send 30,000 troops.
However if so,name me a war from WW II,Korea,Vietnam ,Iraq and all the little battles and invasions Grenada and Haiti that our military could fix a definite time for withdrawal.Now in 18 months if the war is not won,then does that mean the Taliban and Al Queda are no longer a danger to us? We still have troops in Japan, Korea, Bosnia and so on.Next step in the appeasement-surrender train- bring everyone home for FORTESS AMERICA.
As I said last week, Roosevelt and Truman despite millions of troops ,casualties and uncertainty only used the term "victory" a term Obama never used last nite.
This is a disaster in the making.

I hope and pray, that the Israeli govt. will be working on new housing plans that can be unveiled the moment the 10 month freeze is over.Surely no progress will happen withh Abbas in that period.
Only perhaps we will see an Israeli attack on Iran.