Sunday, August 31, 2008


For the last 30 years,I have devoted myself to a leadership role on behalf of the American Jewish Community,and the safety and security of the State of Israel.This I did in my years of AIPAC leadership.25 years as President and founder of HUVPAC ,at one time the largest local US pro-Israel PAC, 6 years as President of the Orthodox Union,and 3 years as the head of the Religious Zionists of America.
Thus I take strong excxeption to the angry words of Cong. Robert Wexler,who called Gov.Palin's pick an "affront to American Jews".
I know Cong Wexler,and our PAC did contribute to him in the past,.because he is a strong supporter of Israel.HE IS A GOOD MAN.But he is also very LIBERAL,and committed to a ticket of the first and third most LIBERAL Senators in the US.
As I will describe below,I have not been more excited and moved by any political event, as I was by the the Palin announcement.I and my wife feel energized, because this is great for America and the McCain ticket.
On Friday,immediately after I heard her speak, I called the Florida State McCain Committee, and volunteered to speak on behalf of the ticket.Tomorrrow,I will call to volunteer time for the phone banks.Anyone in S. Florida can call Steve Kurlander 561-452-3753 to volunteer.I would be happy to speak in homes,Synagogues etc for John McCain. I will be in Florida in Sept. and the NY-NJ area in Oct. my phone no is in the Boynton book=or Fort Lee NJ)
I was suprised that in the schul I went to for Shabbat,(it was a small group) the choice of Palin was unanamously positive.I attend 3 synagogues in Wexlers district,all orthodox. (perhaps the one in Delray is out of his region)and have yet to meet more than one or two individual who will vote for Obama.Each and every one of my children,relatives and friends are 100% McCain people.
Not that they are all Republicans.
No,they fear an Obama Presidency.
Obama spoke of being of the party of Roosevelt.This morning in schul,I met a very elderly man with a cane.He came to America before WWll, enlisted in the Air Force,and flew 26 bombing missions over Germany.He said,everyday he passed over the gas chambers of the concentration camps but" Roosevelt would not let us bomb them".
Yes he is also of the party of Carter,an anti-Israel voice in sheeps clothing, who allowed the Iranians to hold our hostages,and who now accuses McCain of "milking his POW story" for political gain.He is also the party of Clinton,who did nothing to destroy Al-Quada when he had an opportunity to do so,which allowed 9/11 to take place.

But I fear Obama,because of who he is.
A product of Saul Alinsky,Ayers,and 20 years of Rev.Wright's Congregation ,Rezko and the Chicago political machine.Name one reform he brought to the Democratic Party in Chicago.The questions raised by John Fund in his Sat morning WSJ op-ed regarding the down payment on the Obama home remain unanswered.
The Obama foreign policy experience includes a one week tour of Israel and Europe.If Gov. Palin could spare 4 days to visit Jerusalem,Kiev, Prague,Berlin,Paris and London that would equal the Obama experience.Except he has never governed.She was in Kuwait already with her Alaskan National Guard.
Obama and Biden were wrong on the surge,and Biden called for breaking Iraq into pieces.They fail to understanf that terrorism is not a crime,but a war.They advocate unconditional talks with Iran.
Both failed to support the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act,and the 2007 Kyl-Lieberman amendment that designated the Iranian Guard AS TERRORISTS.
When there was an attempt to indirectly attack Israel for the use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon,only a handful of Senators voted for it including Obama.
When the Senate in a bipartisan mode blasted for their attack on General Petraius calling him BETRAYUS -Obama though on the Senate floor did not vote(as he often did in the Illinois State Legislature)
After he spoke to AIPAC about a unified Jerusalem,he flip-flopped and said the staus would be determined at final status talks.
Let us compare the amount of dollars earmarked by Biden and Obama vs.McCain( 0) .Whereas Palin shook up Alaskan corruption-and refused earmarking money for the Bridge to Nowhere.
Where did OBAMA/BIDEN act thusly?

As we look at the world,and realize the dangers we face;
Iran and its race for nuclear weapons and its desire to destroy Israel
Russia and its new aggressiveness
China as it looks at Taiwan with one eye,and our weakness in the other
The fight for energy independence(the Obama plan is pie in the sky that would cost trillions)(PALIN IS AN EXPERT ON ENERGY)
North Korea
Islamic fundamentalism-terror and Afghanistan ..and so on
Who would we want in the Oval Office?
-I believe John McCain is that man.
One final personal note.I first met him before he ran for the Senate in the mid
1980's .I brought him to Monsey to raise funds for his campaign. Since that day (especially because we are both Vietnam veterans,) I have followed with admiration his career.

Friday, August 29, 2008


One thought.
Today the election dynamics changed.She was terrific,and touched all the bases.
Proof of the brilliance of the choice and timing of the announcement-Barak and his speech are yesterdays news

A brilliant move that will change toe game

What a shocker!
How they were able to keep it a secret-amazing.I believe a stroke of genius-
Washington outsider
businesswoman-beauty pageant runner-up
mother of five,including a new born with Down Syndrome and a son in the military
and an evangelical
I would not be suprised if McCain announces that she has convinced him that ANWR drilling is safe and needed,and thererfore he will now back Alaskan drilling.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I did not have sex with that woman...

Kudos to Preident Clinton.No other politician can match his charisma and ability to hold a crowd,and lay out a logical (,even if full of half-truths). agenda.
How many others can describe a person in terms used for a Chicago political ward heeler (THUG),and the next day look you on the eye and call that person a great leader,and CIC .

Clinton is the master of faked sincerety."I did not ( finger pointing ) have sex with rhat woman."
Nevertheless the electricity for the moment is on Denver and the huge stage in Invesco Stadium.The press is overwhelmed with "the history" of it all.Thus the Gallup poll showed an Obama bump today
It will not be easy fot McCain to regain the nations attention.Thus his VP choice at least for now is critical.
However,when we can get down to discussing issues, be it Free Trade,taxes and of course foreign policy the tide should turn.
This election is really about the political sophistication of the American people,and I have confidence that they can see beyond the rock-star and his ultra-thin resum'e.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary at her best / Hail King Obama

Last nites talk was the best that I have seen her deliver-except perhaps for an off the cuff one she delivered a number of years ago in Jerusalem to a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.
It's what she didn't say that was significant.Her description of her role as a pioneer was moving .However what she said about Obama was generic.If Edwards ,Biden or Richardson were the nominee,she could have placed their name into the slot that said " Barak".
She did NOT say:
Obama would be a GREAT President
Obama would be a competent ,good or capable Commander-in-Chief.
How Obama would bring about change and bi-partisanship.
Moreover she never mentioned ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT of Obama's that make him worthy for consideration for the top post.
In sum the comments that she and Biden made during the primary season about Obama as President stand without refutation.


You would think with all the negative press Obama recieved after his Berlin fiasco,he would think twice about such extravaganzas.
WOW! look at the ,and see a picture of the stage for tomorrow's acceptance speech.It is out of the middle ages,and meant to signify a coronation of a King,or the coming of the Messiah.
He takes himself too seriously as the savior of the world.He may be in for a stark disappointment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last nite Sen. McCain was on the Jay Leno show.Leno joked abot his age a few times ,and about the number of homes he owns.He also made fun of Bush,Biden and Edwards.Alas not a single joke about Barak.
This is a dangerous area for comedians who worry of being accused of racism.This type of self-censorship is no different from the Obama camp trying to stop the ads regarding his association with the old terrorist Ayers.


When I was a kid, I loved the conventions.I remember when I was 10 years old, my parents sent me to bed,but I hid the radio under the pillow so I could hear the speeches such as Pres. Truman,or the Dixiecrats walkout.
Today,it is all scripted.No exciting rollcalls as at the Eisenhower convention.
Thus I looked at the Michelle Obama speech with a jaundiced eye.No question-great delivery,and all the right moves and words.
But then again,practice makes perfect-Have good writers,a debating coach and a teleprompter,and you are in business.
Imagine the scene .."I love America"...
"No Michelle- stress each word III LLOOVVEE AMERICA"
and so on,and on and on.
And thus after the speech the mevinim in the broadcasting booth-"Tonite Michelle Obama answered her critics- of course she loves America"
But yet,20 years with Rev Wright and Black Nationalism with her children in church weekly,combined with her angry and nasty comments before the nomination was secured,cannot be discarded.
Who should we believe?
Hollywood or the facts?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Did they leave out Chappaquidick?

I missed a great deal of tonites Dem convention,as I was at a schul meeting.
Did I miss Chappaquidick and Mary Joe?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden and Iran

During the over 20 years I led the Hudsson Valley PAC (HUVPAC) I had the pleasure of inviting Sen. Biden many times to speak at our Washington luncheons.I found him to be easily approachable,intelligent and knowledgeable on our issues.He has always had a strong pro-Israel record,and a friend of our community.
In regard to Iran,he was only one of four Senators to vote against the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act,and the 2007 Kyl-Lieberman Amendment which labeled the Iranian Guard as a terrorist organization.
He was quoted on MSNBC as saying he "never believed" Iran had a weapon system under production.
Iran is a major security issue, and this history raises some additional concerns about the Democratic ticket.
Ambassador Zalman Shoval who served 2 tours as Israeli Ambassador to Washington said today, that while Biden is a friend,he is one of those who sometimes believes he know what is best for Israel even if it contradicts the decisions of the elected Israeli officials.
Shoval likewise commented on his failure ti support Kyl-Lieberman.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our synagogue

Todays Palm Beach Post had a page one story entitled "Jewish services in home irk neighbors".It os the story of our Congregation Anshei Chesed in Boynton Beach FL.
Despite legal obstacles placed in our way,we have followed the law,and conduct Shabbat services.
The story begins "every weekend a group of well dressed people walk...The women wear hats,the men yarmulkes,and prayer shawls.As residents mow their lawns and wash their boats the orthodox Jews enter a house..They hold their service in the home.About two hours later they walk home.."
Absent is any mention of cars,noise,music destruction of property or any aother reason to oppose our presence except it is "inappropriate".I could think of a more "political"term.
They have tried every means to stop us,however the 2001 Religious Land Use bill prevents discrimination againt religious practices.
Today, in the middle of our Musaf service, the bell rang.One of the neighbors came over to tell us that the complainers were a minority,and most were proud to have us in the area.Furthermore,if we needed her driveway for shabbat,we were free to use it.Another neighbor, a Cuban who greets me often as I walk to schul,tells me the same thing.
There are good people everywhere,and there are likewise bigots amongst us.
I invite people looking for an Ashkenazic minyan, in a growing community that is Zionist and Modern Orthodox to consider Boynton.
At the end of the day it was a non-story.The Post,which over the last 2 years has wtitten about this a few times,had no legitimate reason to put this on the National News page,except to highlight one neighbors frustration.
As our lawyer is quoted "Well tough,you have to have these people in your neighborhood.It's the American way."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The wars begin in earnest

The contest is getting dirtier a more silly.McCain was asked the definition of "rich",and of course it depends on so many factors-single/married, which community=how many children ?=do rhey go to private schools?= do you have to support an elderly parent?= do you have debts from school?=and on and on.McCain jokingly said "5 million" STATING IMMEDIATELY THEY WILL JUMP ON THIS EXXAGERATION.
And they did!
Now he take the heat for the fact that Cindy McCain is a wealthy heiress,worth $100million dollars.Their family foundation and trust owns houses for the kids etc.Many Americans take advantage of the taz laws to take similar steps, even if it affects only 1 or 2 tax lawyer has advised his clients in this regard.The reason is to minimize death and estate taxes.
If we want to examine each Senators real estate holding,and how they got the properties (including how they recieved their mortgages)-fine lets start with Kerry and include all 100.
Bur the Rezko alliance is real and the Ayers association is real,as well as the Rev. Wright connection for 20 years.
The campaign is geting started so hang on to your hats.!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cable news repitition

The 24 hour cable news networks have added much to political coverage.However, when there is nothing to report, they either make it up with endless speculations or they feed on one another
Each network has friends and informants in the respective political camps.Often, these "leakers" are simply planting trial balloons or speculating ,when they themselves do not have the facts.
The choice of VP's is a perfect example of artificial "excitement " and "suspense".
Who ? When? How? become subjects of hour long programs, because the networks need to fill-up the time.
I am basically a Fox watcher, with occasional CNN time.I cannot stand the 10PM Fox daily murder -of -the month program.As I flip the channels from Fox to CNN, I must pass MSNBC.
I hope Keith Oberman has a strong heart.I note his increasing anger and venom against John McCain.No matter when I pass by while he is on,not only are the words vicious, but his face is getting redder, and his demeanor more strident.
Perhaps this is because the campaign momentum has turned around.
Obama made three major mistakes
1- He went to Berlin and played the "World Messiah" shtik-bad move
2-He went on vacation.There is plenty of time after the elections for that.Even with his blackberry and other communications,he looked weak and non-presidential when the Russians moved into Georgia.
3-He should not have gone on the Sat. 2 hour program with John McCain.He was poorly prepared for a conservative faith based interview,against a man who needed no preperation,for the event.
Obama reminds me od Adlai Stevenson and Jimmy Carter.Cerebral,bright,analytical but not decisive or a leader.
The Republicans smell victory at least for President,and the Obermans of the world are panicking.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Resume padding

Yesterday's Jerusalem Post had a terrific blog by Abe Katsman and Kory Bardash.The theme relates to Barak Obama, whose resume titles are "impressive",but his accomplishments are "weak".Therefore, he pads his resum'e, including stretching the truth,stealing credit and creating the illusion of achievement during his "lackadaisical, undistinguished tenure in previous jobs".

FACT=THE ONE SENATE BILL CITED,PASSED 91-3 (2008 defense authorization ) and OBAMA DID NOT VOTE.

.He repeats frequently that HE HAS 20 YEARS OF "PUBLIC SERVICE"

FACT=THREE YEARS US SENATE( 2 of WHICH he has run for President)
SEVEN YEARS STATE SENATOR ( part of which served as law professor)
THAT IS ( 10) T-E-N!

He was in Harvard Law School and wrote TWO AUTOBIOGRAPHIES- (he loves himself)
3 YEARS AN ASSOCIATE AT A LAW FIRM and part time on the U. of Chicago Law School faculty-not exactly PUBLIC SERVICE


In Israel, while in Sderot he talked of his efforts to protect Israel from Iran.
"Just this past week, we passed out of the US Senate Banking Committee,WHICH IS MY COMMITTEE a bill to call for divestment from Iran,as a way of racheting up the pressure......."

why claim credit ,except to pad his resum'e?

They conclude (and I concur)
He has treated his offices, as if they were High School Student Council positions-fun to run for,fun to win good resume builders etc.
He has left no footprint of accomplishments

They conclude;

Sunday, August 17, 2008


During the Cold War,the idea of a NATO alliance was part of the solution to an aggressive Soviet Union.In the end we won not because of NATO per se,but because Ronald Reagan with his plan for "star-wars" forced the Soviets to realize that they could not compete.Economically communism was a failure,and the break-up of the Soviet Empire ensued.
NATO has remained,and has enlarged its membership with E. European countries ,much to the dismay of Russia.Then NATO told Georgia, that in order to be admitted,they would have to solve their border problems.In essence a green light for Russia to attack.
The question is, aside from the US what is the strength of NATO? How long would it take to mobilize its forces ? Are they dependable,what with so much of European countries dependent upon Russia for oil/gas? What about all the economic pressures from Arab States on NATO nations?
Let us look at Afghanistan, where NATO countries did not live up to their committments.Indeed,it is now revealed that British troops in Iraq,made side deals with the enemy in S. Iraq,to avoid casualties.Thus in a time of need,they did not respond,requiring American troops to save the day.
This has tremenduous implications for Israel.It is wonderful that new American anti-missile batteries will be permanently manned by US troopsI recall in the first Iraq war, I visited such a unit in Rishon L'zion.
However,they should not fool themselves into believing that even if they were offered NATO membership it would be the answer to all problems.
By the time NATO could mobilize there could be no Israel-G-d forbid.
In the end whether it is Iran,the Hezbollah or Hamas,the burden of victory and survival cannot be relegated to anyone else.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

nefesh b'nefesh / "66 " a sad but true comedy/ a " well informed " candidate

We were very proud yesterday to see our nephew Rabbi Daniel Hartstein, his wife Serena and 3 children sitting at the welcoming ceremony in Ben-Gurion airport for new olim to Israel.Daniel is the son of Judy and Kal Hartstein of Woodmere,our sister and brother-in-law.
They came under the auspices of Nefesh B'Nefesh , a wonderful organization that over the years has brought thousands of similar immigrants to their new homes in Israel.
Of the group were 40 young men and women that are joining the Israeli army.What a great scene this was as Foreign Minister Livni welcomed the group.
There was much smiling and joy,despite a long flight with a lot of kids on board.A large percentage appeared modern orthodox . All ages from infancy to senior citzens were rerpresented.
These olim represent the future of Am Yisrael-the Jewish people.Thus it was reassuring to read today,that the PM has publicly stated that any "peace deal" will not include Palestinians coming to Israel.If there is ever a "Palestinian State"-
( besides Jordan ? ) THAT IS WHERE THEY BELONG.
We wish them and all the new olim much hatzlachah.
You can watch the ceremony on NBN.COM.IL
We went last nite to see a British comedy "Sixty-Six" about a 12 year old English youth who dreams and plans for his bar-mitzvah,as an elegant and exclusive party that will establish him as "worthy".
There is much humor as this satire develops on a Jewish family,that encounters economic hard times.The bar- mitzvah is scheduled,invitations sent, and then belatedly it is realized the date conflicts with the World Soccer tournament finals.They will be played in London, and England is a possible finalist.
As we approach the finals,the priorities of the friends ,family and neighbors come into play.Does one go to the Bar-Mitzvah or stay home and watch the game?
It is a sad look at reality as this plays out.
I recall attending weddings.during football season, with guests sitting in the lobby watching the game.Or wearing ear-pieces connected to a radio during the ceremony,and hand signalling the score to fellow guests.
It says a lot about our priorities,and how we teach our children that sports really matters,beyond its enjoyment values.
No doubt this explains why Olympic coverage is more important to more Americans than Georgian coverage.

This brings me to the Democratic candidate in Oregon challenging Sen Smith.He was asked by a reporter to comment on Georgia.He looked at him increduosly and said he had heard nothing regarding Atlanta.When pressed, he asked the reporter to fill him in,since he was campaigning for 3 days.
Sounds like a good candidate for higher office!

Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain vs Obama as our CIC

We live in a dangerous world.Russian imperialism once again threatening not just Georgia, but the entire region.N. Korea, and its nuclear program,China and its assault on human rights,Iran,Nicaraugua ,the ME,and Islamic fascism are on the incomplete agenda of world trouble spots.
Yes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are important since in addition to the threats involved,we have troops on the ground.
Thus,our choice of the next President is a key element in our ability to face up to these challenges,and any other that inevitably will raise its head during the next four years.
I shudder to think that an inexperienced young Senator ,with zero accomplishments,and an equal amount of foreign policy experience could be thrust into that position.How crazy would that be?
Watching John McCain this morning issue a statement on the Russian invasion,and his deep understand of the implications of the Russian attack on Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries,gave me a sense of assurance that here was a man we could trust and follow.It was not a boiler plate statement like Obama,but it touched upon actions our country and our allies in the EU should take.Moreover McCain has spoken in recent weeks to the Georgian President,and has visited the provinces involved in the conflict.
More than that, McCain has been right on target with his mistrust of Putin.There are actions that the G-7 ,EU and the UN can undertake -even with a Russian veto.
Russia must know there is a price to pay for such aggression.
McCain was presidential!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tisha B'av / Hypocrites

Today is a doubly sad day.
In the Jewish calender it is the 9th day of the month of Av,which commemorates the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem.It is a day of fasting,and prayer.We sit on the ground as one does in a house of mourning,
Even as we mourn the past,we worry about the present and the future.Anyone who has been in Rome,has visited the Arch of Titus with its vivid portrayal of the removal of the holy vessals that were taken from the Temple to Rome,hidden in the Vatican basement until this day,together with many prisoners.Yet despite the facts ,the PA and others deny the existance of our temple. The left would not hesitate to divide Jerusalem ,including giving away the Temple Mount.This is because they have no feeling for our history and our religion.They are Israelis not Jews.
This brings me to my second cause of sadness.,namely the apathy and total ignorance of such a large sector of American Jewry.We are in a community in Florida (and Ft. Lee) with huge Jewish populations.Yet the Shabbat, Tishe B'Av and our customs are foreign to most of them.They are the lost generation who today are senior citizens.They have not only gone astray themselves,but secondarily their children and future generations.Other than exposure to a possible baaal tshuva movement,their great-grandchildre are destined for assimilation and inter-marriage.
Only a massive well financed outreach program could reverse the future-and I see none in sight on a major scale.
Yet many of these individuals love Israel and have some fond memories of the customs of their grandparents.
In truth, my generation of othodox leaders and groups have failed to rise to the challenges!


America is a forgiving nation. When Barak Obama admitted playing with drugs at an early age,it has not become a campaign issue.
When Gov, David Patterson of N.Y. on his 3rd or so day in office brought his wife into a press conference to admit mutual extra-marital affairs,the issue was to date laid to rest.Not that this makes him a "tzadik" only that it is not newsworthy any more.
In contrast his predecessor,Gov. Spitzer, who played the "tzadik" in the realm of prostitution prosecution as a DA and then as A-G,paid the price for hypocrisy and criminal activity.He was left by his former "friends" to hang on the vine.
When Al Gore preaches conservation and his mansion is an energy super-guzzler,and he drives in 3 car motorcades with big vans, and flies a private jet,and a big boat,he is a HYPOCRITE.
Sen John Edward ,a sleazy malpractice lawyer,who criticized Bill Clinton's indescretions, claimed he was the future "poverty" President,even as he lived the life of super-luxury in a huge mansion.
As my wife and I looked at him as he campaigned months ago,we both commented on his persistent blinking. The insincerety just poured forth.Now he has the gall to partially excuse his adultery by claiming it was during his wifes remission.HUH?
By the way,when did a MAMZER or the common useage BASTARD become the politically correct "love-child"?
The story is not finished.The father of the child, and the source of the womans income and rent are the future chapters.Was campaign funding used anywhere in this saga?

Friday, August 08, 2008


Kudos to the McCain team for great videos one after another.They are certainly keeping Barak off stride.If you can smile at some and feel proud to be an American with others,you know he is on the right track,

Incidentally we now know that Paris simply memorized the lines that some comic writer put together.I guess that removes her from consideration for Sec. of Energy,

I thought you would enjoy the following story.
My mother,G-d bless her,over 97 years of age,received a bill from Victorias Secret for various garments.Evidently one of her former aides used her Social Security number.She no longer has credit cards.
My brother called them up, and informed them that she is over 97, legally blind in a wheel chair.However, if they desired he would take a picture of her so that they could use it in their catalogue!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The OU and Postsville

I received today two e-mails regarding the Postville situation.
One from Rabbi Solomon Ryback who is the Rav of Cong. Adas Israel in Passaic N J .He is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America's kashruth Commission ( of the OU ) ,as well as President of the Rabbinic Alumni of Yeshiva University.I know him very well as an honest and sincere individual.
He returned from a 36 hour inspection of the Rubashkin (Agri-processors)plant.He had free rein of the plant,workers,supervisors and local townspeople as well as officials.
His strong feeling is that the OU should continue to monitor the situation,but continue its supervision.
The second was a letter sent by Rabbi Menachem Genack to the NY Times.
Rabbi Genack is CEO of kashruth at the OU.He is a worldly wise and sophisicated leader in the kashruth field as well as a torah scholar.He documented all the changes that have taken place at the Postville plant,including the hiring of a former US attorney to supervise enforcement.There are other OSHA related changes of top personel and administrators.
I have urged him and the President of the OU to take that letter and use it as an ad,to clearly document the fact that the OU takes the situation seriously,and would not hesitate to remove its hashgacha if the changes are not maintained.
None of this negates the alleged crimes that took place,and the need for local,state and federal agencies to carry out their responsibilities in this regard.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I thought that the Paris Hilton video was amusing and entertaining.She certainly came off as intelligent.Whether she herself wrote her lines, or she read from a teleprompter,she helped her image above all else.
This in no way gets away from the central theme of the McCain ad,that Obama is merely a media personality like Paris.
Despite her brief entree into energy politics, like Obama -is she fit to lead?

With all the talk about the need for alternative energy,todays WSJ summed up in its editorial page, that which we have known for a long time-Gore notwithstanding.No matter which avenue of alternate energy we analyze,it will be impossible to bring about the desired results both beause of the trillions of dollars of cost,and the lack of infrastructue.
How do you make wind our primary source-cost,areas without constant wind-lack of ability to convert it for our homes, without more oil as a continuing answer?
Nuclear-yes, but again how do we run our cars? Obama is against it.
coal- environmentalists don't want to hear of it.
conservation-important, but that with all the tire gauges won't hack it.
electric cars -how about all the stations needed to service these cars.As in wind,you would need tens of thousands of them,in addition to the desire of Americans to purchase these autos in the coming years.Then again are the auto makers ready to produce 15 million electric cars per year?
One more point on wind-you would need major turbines ar a cost of trillions plus12,000 miles of transmission electric lines to do the job-if it could be done.
Last point=our need is now!If we took a multi-disciplined approach,prices would come down NOW!
Too bad Clinton vetoed ANWAR !


From a medical point of view,I look at it as a seriosly ill patient,for whom we must try everything to save their lives,provided the solutions don't work ar cross purpose.
Come on Paris, TAKE UP THE CAUSE-you have the fame,time and already have been injected into the debate.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

K Street / Conservative kashruth-a contradiction

We pointed out when J Street the anti-AIPAC left wing lobby-Pac was initiated that we could expect a new addition to the far left tirades against Israel in the form of "love".
When I pick up a NY Times, and scan the editorial page ,I know right away that I will be angry or disagree with 90% of what they advocate.After I start reading,I confirm my initial impression in spades.
When the Jerusalem Post had a story two days ago how a poll showed American Jews disiked Sen. Joe Lieberman,I looked carefully as to who sponsored the poll.
Whala- K Street- I rest my case.
A friend of mine told me yesterday that his pro-Israel Pac ( a large national one ) wrote a letter to at least one liberal Jewish Congressman, that if he accepts support from K Street, they cannot support him.
I would like to see other Pacs follow suit,
Anyway after seeing the K Street sponsorship of the poll, I simply smiled.

The Conservative movement has thrust itself into the scandel at the Potsville plant of Rubashkin. That criminal abuses occurred is evident, and should be handled by the federal and state authorities.
Is this a chilul hashem ? -of course
The OU and other kashruth organizations must take responsibility for issues beyond simply kosher-treife.
Yet the Conservative movement is the wrong body to get involved.
1-Their standards would not be halachically acceptable to anyone , other than their own.
2-Their people in great part eat non-kosher out of the home ,and often have minimal standards at home.
3-No orthodox kashruth agency would consider allowing a "conservative symbol" to appear alongside their own on a kosher product.Without an accepted orthodox supervision, the majority of individuals who seek glatt kosher would not even give a second glance at such a product.
Many of their leadership lay and otherwise violate the sabbath, and would not be trusted by the kosher-seeking world to serve as valid decisors of kashruth standards.
For me a Consernvative hashgacha is an oxy-moron, and a non-starter to a serious problem.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A House Session without TV

I just sent an e-mail to Cong Mike Pence R-of Indiana who is one of the leaders of the demonstration by GOP Congressmwn to go to the House floor, and discuss energy despite Nancy Pelosi shutting the lights and microphones.
My query to him is why in this day of portable electronics they cannot bring in mini-tv or transmission equiptment.Since the House is not in session,they would be in violation of no rules.
As I said a few days ago, to refuse to allow votes on an issue that 75% of Americans support ,namely off-shore oil drilling, is as un-American and undemocratic as anything you can think of.
The idea that she is going to save the planet,or that Harry Reid will prevent Obama from voting on this issue, will not hold water.Obama has refused to debate one on one on these issues,and his polling numbers are starting to reflect this concept that he is the ordained " ONE ".
Americans are not dumb,and after the rock-star aura,come the real questions .This morning I tried one such question on a Bush-hater who will vote for Obama.
Name me one Obama accomplishment?--SILENCE followed by "I hate Bush!"
But most people I believe will start seeing that McCain is not Bush,and change without direction is merely mayhem.
Incidentally Pence is one of the young dynamic leaders of the next generation of Republican conservatives.Like Eric Cantor, now being mentioned as a possible VP candidate,they represent the future.