Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary at her best / Hail King Obama

Last nites talk was the best that I have seen her deliver-except perhaps for an off the cuff one she delivered a number of years ago in Jerusalem to a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.
It's what she didn't say that was significant.Her description of her role as a pioneer was moving .However what she said about Obama was generic.If Edwards ,Biden or Richardson were the nominee,she could have placed their name into the slot that said " Barak".
She did NOT say:
Obama would be a GREAT President
Obama would be a competent ,good or capable Commander-in-Chief.
How Obama would bring about change and bi-partisanship.
Moreover she never mentioned ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT of Obama's that make him worthy for consideration for the top post.
In sum the comments that she and Biden made during the primary season about Obama as President stand without refutation.


You would think with all the negative press Obama recieved after his Berlin fiasco,he would think twice about such extravaganzas.
WOW! look at the ,and see a picture of the stage for tomorrow's acceptance speech.It is out of the middle ages,and meant to signify a coronation of a King,or the coming of the Messiah.
He takes himself too seriously as the savior of the world.He may be in for a stark disappointment.