Tuesday, August 05, 2008

K Street / Conservative kashruth-a contradiction

We pointed out when J Street the anti-AIPAC left wing lobby-Pac was initiated that we could expect a new addition to the far left tirades against Israel in the form of "love".
When I pick up a NY Times, and scan the editorial page ,I know right away that I will be angry or disagree with 90% of what they advocate.After I start reading,I confirm my initial impression in spades.
When the Jerusalem Post had a story two days ago how a poll showed American Jews disiked Sen. Joe Lieberman,I looked carefully as to who sponsored the poll.
Whala- K Street- I rest my case.
A friend of mine told me yesterday that his pro-Israel Pac ( a large national one ) wrote a letter to at least one liberal Jewish Congressman, that if he accepts support from K Street, they cannot support him.
I would like to see other Pacs follow suit,
Anyway after seeing the K Street sponsorship of the poll, I simply smiled.

The Conservative movement has thrust itself into the scandel at the Potsville plant of Rubashkin. That criminal abuses occurred is evident, and should be handled by the federal and state authorities.
Is this a chilul hashem ? -of course
The OU and other kashruth organizations must take responsibility for issues beyond simply kosher-treife.
Yet the Conservative movement is the wrong body to get involved.
1-Their standards would not be halachically acceptable to anyone , other than their own.
2-Their people in great part eat non-kosher out of the home ,and often have minimal standards at home.
3-No orthodox kashruth agency would consider allowing a "conservative symbol" to appear alongside their own on a kosher product.Without an accepted orthodox supervision, the majority of individuals who seek glatt kosher would not even give a second glance at such a product.
Many of their leadership lay and otherwise violate the sabbath, and would not be trusted by the kosher-seeking world to serve as valid decisors of kashruth standards.
For me a Consernvative hashgacha is an oxy-moron, and a non-starter to a serious problem.