Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I thought that the Paris Hilton video was amusing and entertaining.She certainly came off as intelligent.Whether she herself wrote her lines, or she read from a teleprompter,she helped her image above all else.
This in no way gets away from the central theme of the McCain ad,that Obama is merely a media personality like Paris.
Despite her brief entree into energy politics, like Obama -is she fit to lead?

With all the talk about the need for alternative energy,todays WSJ summed up in its editorial page, that which we have known for a long time-Gore notwithstanding.No matter which avenue of alternate energy we analyze,it will be impossible to bring about the desired results both beause of the trillions of dollars of cost,and the lack of infrastructue.
How do you make wind our primary source-cost,areas without constant wind-lack of ability to convert it for our homes, without more oil as a continuing answer?
Nuclear-yes, but again how do we run our cars? Obama is against it.
coal- environmentalists don't want to hear of it.
conservation-important, but that with all the tire gauges won't hack it.
electric cars -how about all the stations needed to service these cars.As in wind,you would need tens of thousands of them,in addition to the desire of Americans to purchase these autos in the coming years.Then again are the auto makers ready to produce 15 million electric cars per year?
One more point on wind-you would need major turbines ar a cost of trillions plus12,000 miles of transmission electric lines to do the job-if it could be done.
Last point=our need is now!If we took a multi-disciplined approach,prices would come down NOW!
Too bad Clinton vetoed ANWAR !


From a medical point of view,I look at it as a seriosly ill patient,for whom we must try everything to save their lives,provided the solutions don't work ar cross purpose.
Come on Paris, TAKE UP THE CAUSE-you have the fame,time and already have been injected into the debate.