Thursday, August 14, 2008

nefesh b'nefesh / "66 " a sad but true comedy/ a " well informed " candidate

We were very proud yesterday to see our nephew Rabbi Daniel Hartstein, his wife Serena and 3 children sitting at the welcoming ceremony in Ben-Gurion airport for new olim to Israel.Daniel is the son of Judy and Kal Hartstein of Woodmere,our sister and brother-in-law.
They came under the auspices of Nefesh B'Nefesh , a wonderful organization that over the years has brought thousands of similar immigrants to their new homes in Israel.
Of the group were 40 young men and women that are joining the Israeli army.What a great scene this was as Foreign Minister Livni welcomed the group.
There was much smiling and joy,despite a long flight with a lot of kids on board.A large percentage appeared modern orthodox . All ages from infancy to senior citzens were rerpresented.
These olim represent the future of Am Yisrael-the Jewish people.Thus it was reassuring to read today,that the PM has publicly stated that any "peace deal" will not include Palestinians coming to Israel.If there is ever a "Palestinian State"-
( besides Jordan ? ) THAT IS WHERE THEY BELONG.
We wish them and all the new olim much hatzlachah.
You can watch the ceremony on NBN.COM.IL
We went last nite to see a British comedy "Sixty-Six" about a 12 year old English youth who dreams and plans for his bar-mitzvah,as an elegant and exclusive party that will establish him as "worthy".
There is much humor as this satire develops on a Jewish family,that encounters economic hard times.The bar- mitzvah is scheduled,invitations sent, and then belatedly it is realized the date conflicts with the World Soccer tournament finals.They will be played in London, and England is a possible finalist.
As we approach the finals,the priorities of the friends ,family and neighbors come into play.Does one go to the Bar-Mitzvah or stay home and watch the game?
It is a sad look at reality as this plays out.
I recall attending weddings.during football season, with guests sitting in the lobby watching the game.Or wearing ear-pieces connected to a radio during the ceremony,and hand signalling the score to fellow guests.
It says a lot about our priorities,and how we teach our children that sports really matters,beyond its enjoyment values.
No doubt this explains why Olympic coverage is more important to more Americans than Georgian coverage.

This brings me to the Democratic candidate in Oregon challenging Sen Smith.He was asked by a reporter to comment on Georgia.He looked at him increduosly and said he had heard nothing regarding Atlanta.When pressed, he asked the reporter to fill him in,since he was campaigning for 3 days.
Sounds like a good candidate for higher office!