Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cable news repitition

The 24 hour cable news networks have added much to political coverage.However, when there is nothing to report, they either make it up with endless speculations or they feed on one another
Each network has friends and informants in the respective political camps.Often, these "leakers" are simply planting trial balloons or speculating ,when they themselves do not have the facts.
The choice of VP's is a perfect example of artificial "excitement " and "suspense".
Who ? When? How? become subjects of hour long programs, because the networks need to fill-up the time.
I am basically a Fox watcher, with occasional CNN time.I cannot stand the 10PM Fox daily murder -of -the month program.As I flip the channels from Fox to CNN, I must pass MSNBC.
I hope Keith Oberman has a strong heart.I note his increasing anger and venom against John McCain.No matter when I pass by while he is on,not only are the words vicious, but his face is getting redder, and his demeanor more strident.
Perhaps this is because the campaign momentum has turned around.
Obama made three major mistakes
1- He went to Berlin and played the "World Messiah" shtik-bad move
2-He went on vacation.There is plenty of time after the elections for that.Even with his blackberry and other communications,he looked weak and non-presidential when the Russians moved into Georgia.
3-He should not have gone on the Sat. 2 hour program with John McCain.He was poorly prepared for a conservative faith based interview,against a man who needed no preperation,for the event.
Obama reminds me od Adlai Stevenson and Jimmy Carter.Cerebral,bright,analytical but not decisive or a leader.
The Republicans smell victory at least for President,and the Obermans of the world are panicking.