Sunday, August 17, 2008


During the Cold War,the idea of a NATO alliance was part of the solution to an aggressive Soviet Union.In the end we won not because of NATO per se,but because Ronald Reagan with his plan for "star-wars" forced the Soviets to realize that they could not compete.Economically communism was a failure,and the break-up of the Soviet Empire ensued.
NATO has remained,and has enlarged its membership with E. European countries ,much to the dismay of Russia.Then NATO told Georgia, that in order to be admitted,they would have to solve their border problems.In essence a green light for Russia to attack.
The question is, aside from the US what is the strength of NATO? How long would it take to mobilize its forces ? Are they dependable,what with so much of European countries dependent upon Russia for oil/gas? What about all the economic pressures from Arab States on NATO nations?
Let us look at Afghanistan, where NATO countries did not live up to their committments.Indeed,it is now revealed that British troops in Iraq,made side deals with the enemy in S. Iraq,to avoid casualties.Thus in a time of need,they did not respond,requiring American troops to save the day.
This has tremenduous implications for Israel.It is wonderful that new American anti-missile batteries will be permanently manned by US troopsI recall in the first Iraq war, I visited such a unit in Rishon L'zion.
However,they should not fool themselves into believing that even if they were offered NATO membership it would be the answer to all problems.
By the time NATO could mobilize there could be no Israel-G-d forbid.
In the end whether it is Iran,the Hezbollah or Hamas,the burden of victory and survival cannot be relegated to anyone else.