Sunday, August 31, 2008


For the last 30 years,I have devoted myself to a leadership role on behalf of the American Jewish Community,and the safety and security of the State of Israel.This I did in my years of AIPAC leadership.25 years as President and founder of HUVPAC ,at one time the largest local US pro-Israel PAC, 6 years as President of the Orthodox Union,and 3 years as the head of the Religious Zionists of America.
Thus I take strong excxeption to the angry words of Cong. Robert Wexler,who called Gov.Palin's pick an "affront to American Jews".
I know Cong Wexler,and our PAC did contribute to him in the past,.because he is a strong supporter of Israel.HE IS A GOOD MAN.But he is also very LIBERAL,and committed to a ticket of the first and third most LIBERAL Senators in the US.
As I will describe below,I have not been more excited and moved by any political event, as I was by the the Palin announcement.I and my wife feel energized, because this is great for America and the McCain ticket.
On Friday,immediately after I heard her speak, I called the Florida State McCain Committee, and volunteered to speak on behalf of the ticket.Tomorrrow,I will call to volunteer time for the phone banks.Anyone in S. Florida can call Steve Kurlander 561-452-3753 to volunteer.I would be happy to speak in homes,Synagogues etc for John McCain. I will be in Florida in Sept. and the NY-NJ area in Oct. my phone no is in the Boynton book=or Fort Lee NJ)
I was suprised that in the schul I went to for Shabbat,(it was a small group) the choice of Palin was unanamously positive.I attend 3 synagogues in Wexlers district,all orthodox. (perhaps the one in Delray is out of his region)and have yet to meet more than one or two individual who will vote for Obama.Each and every one of my children,relatives and friends are 100% McCain people.
Not that they are all Republicans.
No,they fear an Obama Presidency.
Obama spoke of being of the party of Roosevelt.This morning in schul,I met a very elderly man with a cane.He came to America before WWll, enlisted in the Air Force,and flew 26 bombing missions over Germany.He said,everyday he passed over the gas chambers of the concentration camps but" Roosevelt would not let us bomb them".
Yes he is also of the party of Carter,an anti-Israel voice in sheeps clothing, who allowed the Iranians to hold our hostages,and who now accuses McCain of "milking his POW story" for political gain.He is also the party of Clinton,who did nothing to destroy Al-Quada when he had an opportunity to do so,which allowed 9/11 to take place.

But I fear Obama,because of who he is.
A product of Saul Alinsky,Ayers,and 20 years of Rev.Wright's Congregation ,Rezko and the Chicago political machine.Name one reform he brought to the Democratic Party in Chicago.The questions raised by John Fund in his Sat morning WSJ op-ed regarding the down payment on the Obama home remain unanswered.
The Obama foreign policy experience includes a one week tour of Israel and Europe.If Gov. Palin could spare 4 days to visit Jerusalem,Kiev, Prague,Berlin,Paris and London that would equal the Obama experience.Except he has never governed.She was in Kuwait already with her Alaskan National Guard.
Obama and Biden were wrong on the surge,and Biden called for breaking Iraq into pieces.They fail to understanf that terrorism is not a crime,but a war.They advocate unconditional talks with Iran.
Both failed to support the Iran Missile Proliferation Sanctions Act,and the 2007 Kyl-Lieberman amendment that designated the Iranian Guard AS TERRORISTS.
When there was an attempt to indirectly attack Israel for the use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon,only a handful of Senators voted for it including Obama.
When the Senate in a bipartisan mode blasted for their attack on General Petraius calling him BETRAYUS -Obama though on the Senate floor did not vote(as he often did in the Illinois State Legislature)
After he spoke to AIPAC about a unified Jerusalem,he flip-flopped and said the staus would be determined at final status talks.
Let us compare the amount of dollars earmarked by Biden and Obama vs.McCain( 0) .Whereas Palin shook up Alaskan corruption-and refused earmarking money for the Bridge to Nowhere.
Where did OBAMA/BIDEN act thusly?

As we look at the world,and realize the dangers we face;
Iran and its race for nuclear weapons and its desire to destroy Israel
Russia and its new aggressiveness
China as it looks at Taiwan with one eye,and our weakness in the other
The fight for energy independence(the Obama plan is pie in the sky that would cost trillions)(PALIN IS AN EXPERT ON ENERGY)
North Korea
Islamic fundamentalism-terror and Afghanistan ..and so on
Who would we want in the Oval Office?
-I believe John McCain is that man.
One final personal note.I first met him before he ran for the Senate in the mid
1980's .I brought him to Monsey to raise funds for his campaign. Since that day (especially because we are both Vietnam veterans,) I have followed with admiration his career.