Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An affront....

Without repeating yesterdays endorsement of McCain,I have been thinking about affronts to America and the Jewish people.Yes Sarah Palin was photographed with Buchanan.
Obama spent 20 years in the church of a rabid anti-semite and anti-American-Isn't that an affront?
Obama had his initial political fundraiser in the home of Ayers who seeks to destroy our country?-Is that an affront?
Two weeks ago 500 mostly Orthodox Jews contributed over 1 million dollars (one thousand dollar minimum) for the McCain rally in Teaneck,which McCain addressed.My son-in-law Dr. Paul Ratzker attended.
Of course most elderly Jews will vote for the devil if he ran on the Democratic ticket.However it's not over until it's over.
When I announced at Mincha whoever would like to join the McCain phone bank, most people said while they support him they were not inclined to make calls.I did get a few volunteers.