Sunday, September 28, 2008

BHO FOR DEBATING MANAGER/ Hollywood values / Cynicism

I love debating !
In high school and college as a member of the debating team ,I loved to spar with opposing schools.Any accomplished debater must study the material, practice, and of course be quick to respond. It certainly makes you a better public speaker,especially if you have a good coach that teaches you body movements etc.
Mazal Tov ! BHO is a great debater-he talks the game, is glib personable and stands his ground.
If he were running for Debating Manager I would vote for him.
However there is no "there" there in his resume.
He never accomplished a single thing except write 2 memoirs and give a speech as a State Senator. Challenge anyone to list his accomplishments in legislative or bipartisan terms and you will fall flat.

It is amazing to see the headlines that "Hollywood types attack Palin."
These Hollywood degenerates are the most immoral conceited and overpaid members of society.They have NO VALUES except glamour and glitz.Yes they know how to read a script,sing a song,tell a joke written by someone else,however where in the great plan of this world did the almighty bless them with superior wisdom? or political insight?
Not that Palin is perfect-she is not.However as a Gov. with a high favorability rating she should not be subject to the ridicule and smears that these jerks use in the name of good citizenship.Why don't they have the backbone and decency to stick to the issues.But then again this is Hollywood!

As we approach Rosh Hashonah, one cannot help but marvel at the lies that politicians will throw out in the name of winning elections.
On Thursday,Democratic negotiators announced they had a truth there was no such deal.In fact the Republican House members were never even consulted. This group plus a few Republican Senators forgot we have a bi-cameral legislature.
The Dems have enough votes to pass anything they want.However they fear that without Republican support the nation will rise up against them,since the public is really not on board.
Why did they make the announcement? To embarass John McCain,and to make it appear firstly that his efforts were not needed,and then later to say it was his fault that the talks broke down.
Sadly the Democrats involved have no integrity,and it becomes disheartening as a citizen to watch such pure cynicism and dishonesty.