Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Palin Presidency

I have a habit of reading many books at the same time.That is, I often read a chapter ,put it down, go to another book, often returning to the first book days or weeks later.One of the books I am "nursing" is the biography of President Harry Truman by David McCullough,an award winning undertaking.
His ascencion to the Presidency upon the death of Roosevelt at the end of the war as an unprepared Vice-President raises some interesting questions.
Suppose shortly after a McCain win,he becomes incapacitated permanently (or for a long period of time) is she prepared to assume the Presidency?and how would she compare to Obama/Biden?
On domestic issues,as a Gov.,she has tackled the issues of the economy,in addition to her Executive experience which neither Obama or Biden possess.
On foreign policy,all three leave much to be desired.However, there is a difference in philosophy and approach that allows some comfort with Palin..
Obama-before his celebrated one week trip to Europe is a big ZERO when it comes to experience.He was wrong on rhe SURGE,but refuses to admit it.His main accomplishment is a speech he made as a State Senator.He is sorrounded by left wing advisors, and we can assume he will be another Jimmy Carter.
Biden-has been in the Senate since 1973.This past week Peter Wahner discussed the foreign policy record of Biden in an WSJ op-ed.He points out that throughout his years,Biden has had faulty judgement,and has been wrong on most major issues.
These include Vietnam. He advocated such cuts in defense,that Sens Mondale and Muskie,both Liberal Dems opposed him.He opposed aid to the Contras,opposed SDI,opposed modernization of our nuclear weapons,voted against the first Gulf War,advocated breaking up Iraq,against the Surge,and against being tough on Iran .
In short,as the third most Liberal member of the Senate,he would be like Obama a terrible leader of our country.
Palin,will learn fast from the master McCain.Her native intelligence,world outlook and tough personality will trump the Obama hype and the Biden faulty foreign policy.
In either case,look for Palin and people like Cong Eric Cantor to become the new face of the GOP.