Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I cannot believe it!

When Hillary ran for the Senate,I recall her appearing at a rally in front of the UN, at which her opponent Cong. Rick Lasio also appeared. No one yelled POLITICS.
When our Community marched for Soviet Jewry and had leaders of both parties address us -hey NO POLITICS
When we stood in front of the Capital in support of Israel,and leaders of both partied came to the event-They called it Bi-Partisan support.
And when the Al Smith dinner occurs in a Presidential race,both Presidential candidates appear together,and we call that NON-Partisan.

Now that the Community planned to protest the Iranian President with a NON-PARTISAN and BI-PARTISAN rally, it is unbelievable that Sen. Clinton would cancel because Gov. Palin will attend.
In other words, if Hillary comes its non-political,but Sarah makes it political,It is the height of CHUTZPAH for Hillary to believe that her mere presence allows and projects respectability and acceptance on another politician. And she alone can determine who can be invited.
This cause transends politics.
It is a short-sighted and immature decision,that she and her handlers will regret.
For the organizers ,it is much free publicity.If Sarah Palin comes,the crowd will exceed all records for such events.
The results of this snub will play out in Florida and other Jewish area.