Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This morning driving to schul,the newscaster announced that tonite Sarah Palin will speak immediately after the scandels of her daughters pregnancy,and her husbands arrest 20 years ago for DWI became public.

20 years ago our friend Barack was playing with drugs -did't hear that on the news.
Great column in this mornings NY Post by Andrea Peyser,who asks how come when Bidens wife passed away,and he said he would take care of his 2 children,but yet go to D.C.daily by train,no one asked "How can you do that to so neglect your children?
We still don't hear an examination of Ayers-Obama and Rezko-Obama -but then again he is the annointed one.
It is obvious that the left has grown agitated over a conservative successful woman who is a Republican.They continue to snipe at her at their own risk.
I predict that she will just wow them tonite=the lefties will get angrier,but middle America will try to be fair and judge the issues just as Joe Lieberman outlined.