Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If Palin had said that President Roosevelt in 1929 handled the Great Depression (when he wasn't President) and went on national TV ( when there was no TV) the talking heads would be laughing their heads off.But Biden ah.."You know Joe.."
Gaffe after gaffe, but its hidden away on,where only political buffs see it.

Now that McCain has suspended campaigning and returning to Washington for the financial crisis debate,we will see how Obama responds.

Randy Schultz is the editorial page editor of the left leaning liberal Palm Beach Post.On Sunday he authored an op-ed "The secret cell helping McCain".
He accuses The Clarion Fund of distributing copies of the DVD "Obsession-Radical Islam's war against the West" as a secret attempt to stir passsions against Obama.It is he claims "aimed at swing-state and Jewish voters".
This DVD was enclosed in many newspapers delivered in swing states.
First of all this film probably made by Aish Hatorah is a few years old, and was not made for our campaign.
Under the law,even if this as a byproduct crystallized voter thinking on a campaign oriented issue, its release is perfectly legal,as it mentions no candidates or party, and is purely educational. It is not a "ZIONIST PLOT or SECRET CELL.
In fact,the dangers of radical Islam are universal,and one can make the argument that the purpose was to push both candidates TO SPEAK OUT ON THE ISSUE.
However, Mr Schultz does not believe that Radical Islam is a real danger.In fact, he makes the following claim.
"Obsession contains a chapter called "Denial" which compares the supposed failure to confront Islamic terrorists to the failure to confront Nazi Germany. Al Qaada in 2008 is Hitler in 1938.It's a tempting comparison because of the anti-semitism then and now,but a false one.
"Radical Islam" unlike Hitler has taken no territory.This is not Munich in 1938"
Then further one he states "As one US national security expert said (who?) a couple of years ago two people believe that Al-Qaeda could pull off world domination Osama Bin Laden and George Bush."

Mr Schultz seems to have forgotten about 9/11,the takeover of Afghanistan,attempts to take over the Phillipines and Saudi Arabia the murder of Anwar Sadat,the USS Cole,the Anwar Towers, the plot to blow up transatlantic planes,the multiple convictions even in Florida for terrorism,the takeover of Lebanon by Hizbollah,and Gaza by Hamas and the murder of Rabbi Kahane and so on ....
Indeed Islamic fascism is a threat to our freedom and that of our allies.
Over the years I have delivered one hour presentations on Islamic terrorism, and could only skim the surface of what is known about this threat from China to Russia,and from S America to Europe. There are many organizations who monitor this on a daily basis.
The left has traditionally looked upon these activites as "criminal" that should be addressed by our criminal courts.In fact we are in a war,and sadly Mr Schultz who as an editor of a newspaper, could by a click of his computer have a thousand page read-out on the problem, seems to take a narrow and non-sophisticated PARTISAN approach.