Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Attacking Palin seems to backfire /the Party platforms on Israel

Two things are really interesting:
1-the more the left wing blasts Sarah Palin, the stronger her appeal seems.Their attacks on her personal life, religion,capacity to govern are bouncing right off her.
2-for the first time in my recollection,the Presidential candidate of the other party is spending time attacking the VP candidate of the other.
The Dems have sent 40-50 lawyers to Alaska to play GOTCHA, but the public is getting fed up with the character assasination re: her religion,family, book-burning and so on.
Obama/Biden and the left wing bloggers/media should concentrate on the issues and the actual records of votes and policies.

Something is happening in America,and the polls are starting to show it.With the general polls, the N.Carolina surge by McCain,as well as the shift in women and independents,I would like to raise a question.
If this McCain surge continues,will it be enough to carry a number of embattled Republican Senators and Congressmen with him?
Considering that Congress has such low standings,and a Democratic Congress will leave the alte kocker liberal Chairmen in place, isn't there an argument for a Republican victory and give McCain the legislative support he needs?

Check out todays Haaretz.com where the 2 party platforms are compared by Bradley Burston.
On Jerusalem,the Republicans call for an undivided Capital with the US embassy situated there.The Dems while calling it the Capital, note that "it is a matter for final status negotiations".
On borders,the Dems say it is unrealistic to go back to 1949,while the Republicans call for secure defensible borders with the right to defend themselves.

For the record,neither party has done anything regarding the Embassy,and in truth while American activists like myself pushed for it over the years,the Govt. of Israel has downplayed it.