Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy New Year

I have not blogged for 2 days,as I was spending a great deal of time preparing sermons for Rosh Hashonah for our shul in Boynton Beach.Without a Rav,we all try to divide up the responsibilities.Our ashkenazic shul is growing nicely.

Obviously I am not privy to negotiations on the bail-out bill,however I hope that Republicans do not blink when it come to denying any funds to community groups,such as Acorn.As noted in todays WSJ editorial, these funds belong to the taxpayers(if there is a profit) and not Democratic Party front groups.With that in place(such funding) the Rep. Senators should filibuster.
If Pres. Bush wanted to do something right, he would veto the Defense bill with 5 billion in earmarks.Make them come back and vote on a clean bill.