Monday, September 08, 2008

Methinks he protesteth too much

Russell Brand who shocked MTV with his bizzare behavior,looks like he just came from a radical mosque indoctrination!

As good as todays polling numbers are,more significant are the huge SRO,overflow crowds coming to rallies in the Mid-West to hear and see McCain-Palin.

Goodbye and good riddance to Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews as anchor people on MSNBC.Now only the new Air America chick is left of the team that totally destroyed any semblance of objectivity.

Methinks he protesteth too much-and then a major Freudian slips come out.Not one Republican spokesman has accused Barack Hussein Obama of being a Muslim.Yet again yesterday in attacking a series of imaginary charges against him,he said they will attack "MY MUSLIM FAITH" .Then when papers and blogs report that,it justifies his original charges.
Immediately after he corrected his "slip".