Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Backbone! /Tzipi Livni -the peoples choice

Yesterday I could not believe Hillary withdrawing from the rally.Tonite, I cannot believe that Palin and all politicians were disinvited.Shame on the organizers, and on K Street which set up a protest to Palin.
Question-How many left wingers will they ( K Street)now turn out for the rally? or would they rather sit and talk to the Iranianian Pres as he rants daily ,including today, about Israel's demise.


Israel is a strange country politically.The kadimah Party has 74,000 registered voters.One half did not vote yesterday. Limor won by 431 votes,getting in the low 40%.Thus the new PM -apparent,who takes over from Olmert, who himself took over from Sharon -all on the basis of 20,000 plus voters,and some back room dealing with Shas etc.