Thursday, September 04, 2008


While I was happy that Sarah Palin had an excellent meeting witrh AIPAC in the Twin-Cities ,(with the presence of Joe Lieberman), I was similarly suprised that Joe Biden blasted AIPAC. Wisely they did not respond in a negative way..
It appears he is sensitive to the public revelations of his (and Obama's) neg votes,and questionable statements on Iran that made him lose his temper.
He should remember not to shoot the messenger.He is responsible for his own votes and statements,as are Obama and McCain. Israel is nervous about an Obama Presidency re:Iran and the nuclear program.
It reminds me of when Obama lashed out at Likud philosophies,a number of months ago.
Palin was outstanding,-a real super-star was born.
I have been present on more than a few occasions when new candidates met with AIPAC for the first time,and received a briefing book on every single relevant issue that affects the US-Israel reationship,together with the last Policy Statement that was passed at the recent Washington Policy Conference.
She will have to prove her mastery of issues that affect workers,health etc.,as well as national security and foreign affairs.She appears to be a quick learner and a gifted public persona.
We have a short campaign ahead of us,and it will be close until the very end.The left has not recovered from the Palin suprise,and I say again they risk a major backlash if they continue their venom on her instead of the real issues.


The word from Jerusalem is that an Olmert indictment could come this week.That is a few months too late,but perhaps will stop his latest nonsene regarding a Cabinet discussion of the withrawal of Israelis from Yehuda and Shomrom Sun morning.
Without support or legitimacy to make deals,he perservers in the hope that history will judge his corrupt tenure in a more favorable light.This despite the double disasters on his watch-The War in Lebanon,and the Withdrawal from Gaza.