Monday, May 31, 2010

The attacks on Israel go on

The world reaction to Israel is sharp and negative-I never would have expected it!
Here is a group entering a closed military area,warned not to come, and when Israeli troops very lightly armed go to do their duty,are viciously attacked with knives, metal bars and guns.
Civil disobedience is not an unusuual occurrence.However the participants know you are expected to lay down,and go peacefully albeit with protest .It is obvious that one ship was prepared for violence and mayhem.
The attempt to bring supplies into Gaza by this route, when Israel promised them to transfer their supplies by land after checking for contraband was pure anti-Israel political drama.
Of course they have won the temporary PR battle,however Israel and the IDF must be commended for their patience and fortitude.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


From the absurd to the even more absurd.
An op-ed in todays Haaretz by Gideon Levy,claims we know the State of Israel is racist and anti-Zionist,because there has never been and never will be an Arab Prime Minister!
Then there is the President's point man on "Terrorism",John Brennan who says Jihad is not a bad word-NO
We are not in a battle with Islamic fundamentaslist-NO RELIGIOUS CONNOTATIONS OR ACCUSATIONS

I have an idea--
why not in the Brennan- Obama spirit proclaim ( PERHAPS 9/11) a National Jihad Day-with Pres Obama AND Brennan as Ntl Co-Chairmen.
The Theme would be "national Strength Through Weakness"

Since the WH has assured us that nothing sinister or illegal happened with Joe Sestak, AT LEAST TELL US WHO THE PERSON OR PERSONS WERE WHO DID NOTHING WRONG!

A morning thought

A morning thought,as I read about the Bibi visit to Obama next week.
I hope that Bibi has been assured the same front door treatment that the head of Afghanistan was given a few weeks ago.It is obvious that the severe pressure on Israel routine has not worked well for Obama.The red carpet and a joint meeting with the press is what should be expected.
If not, he should stay home and not be embarressed

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A sinking feeling

It is hard not to feel a sinking feeling.
The oil spill is not only a danger to our shores,but we have the problems that we really don't know how to control it,and at the same time we need oil for our energy purposes,until we can get enough gas,coal,nuclear and wind.
Then there is the economy,the stock market,and the increasing defecit locally,nationally aand internationally.The Public Service Unions have destroyed governments.
To me California, NJ etc should declare bankruptcy, and have a judge order them to redo all of the wild pension ,retirement and health agreements that are the root cause of this mess.
In N.Korea and Iran we see the fruits of years of a foreign policy failure-Clinton,-Bush I and II and now Obama.The bad guys have learned that if you defy the world,there is much reward in store at the end of the day.
The left yells about the Tea-Party-I don't belong to what is not a party.However the anger and frustration that I feel at Pelosi and the Dems makes me anxious to vote the bums out.
Will the Reps be any better?It depends if they can stick to a "cut the govt-budget plan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fiorino-Sestak / more from Israel

The surge of Carla Fiorino in the Calif. Senate primary is a hopeful sign for Republicans.-as is the lead of whitman in the Gubernatorial race.
Her prime opponent former former Cong. Tom Campbell is no friend of Israel.
While Obama is going tonite for a Barbara Boxer fundraiser, she is in trouble in this anti-Obama/incumbent year.
In Pa. Joe Sestak has opened a can of worms in his accusation against the WH. We have to know,WHO? What? When?-otherwise there is potential for covering up a federal crime-even impeachable if the Pres. is involved.
Sestak too is not a friend of Israel,and we hope that Toomey will prevail.

Going back to the NSC head in Israel.
"we have lost (the West) with Iran.Sanctions are a "joke" and the primary focus of Iran is not Israel but the U.S.
Turkey is potentially the next Iran,as the military role is weakened.Note the Turkish threat over the flotilla sailing to break the Gaza sea blockade.
War in the ME is almost inevitable ,as it could be 1 year or 20 years.
Hamas and Hezbollah have been able to portay Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and Gaza as victories.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NY GOP / More from Israel

It is so hard to believe that NY State the home of Sen. Javits,Nelson Rockefeller,Pataki,Guiliani and Bloomberg,cannot put up credible candidates for Gov and 2 Senate seats.

When I hear Pres. Obama talk about "a new international order", I think of Mao, Stalin, the dictators of WW II era, etc.
Surely the concept of "American Exceptionialism" is foreign to this President.

GOING BACK TO OUR ISRAEL TRIP,the NSC head pointed out that Hezbollah is more dangerous and better organized than Bin Laden's troops.
He noted that Pres. Assad of Syria is controlled by Iran, and is "too young and weak."
In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is part of global Jihad, and after Mubarek
(who is ailing)they could take over and that would be a threat.
I made an error in reporting that the Hamas man killed in Dubai came not 4-6 times a year, but 20 times per year for 8 years.
When asked about reports that certain Arab OPEC nations want to see Iran defeated,and would help China make up for lost oil,the answer was"They play double games" and will not get into any confrontation with Iran.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iranian Sanctions / The 2 Congressional elections

The ability of the Russians to deliver the S-300 missile system to Iran under the proposed UN Sanctions resolution speaks to the inability of the US to deliver on its promise of tough sanctions.In addition the boarding of ships carrying suspected material can only be done with the permission of the country under whose flag the ship sails.In addition,the US has removed pending criminal cases against Russians in the US who were charged with violating the law by trading with Iran in prohibited material-all to secure Moscow's vote.
In the end a useless reolution that will push Israel cloer to a decision ,before the new Russian missiles are in place.Reportedly Iranians are in Russia practicing on the new equiptment.
Israel cannot allow Iran to proceed to build a nuclear weapon,and at the same time make it prohibitive to attack Iran at a later date.The new Russian rockets can destroy multiple incoming aircraft and Cruise missiles at a far distance from target.

During our Israel brief the head of the Israeli National Security Agency pointed out that the situation in Lebanon is worse than before the last war.A few months ago Obama stopped an Israeli attack on a CARAVAN OF LONG RANGE MISSILES FROM SYRIA (AND IRAN) INTO LEBANON.
Lebanon (hezbollah) also now has a credible anti-aircraft system.
Hezbollah today is very powerful in S. America,with its own TV station

I would suggest that the election of a Republican in yesterdays special Hawaii election is no more indicative of a bright Republican future than their loss in the Pa. race speaks to a brighter Democratic election cycle.
Each of the races has its own color.In Hawaii,the 2 Democratic candidates garnered more than 50% combined.This is a traditional Dem. seat,and had they united on 1 candidate would probably have won.
In Pa.,Murtha was a long-time incumbent, in a heavy Democratic district,and where the turnout was influenced by the Senate contest.The Dem. candidate ran as an anti-Obama person on Obamacare,taxes,etc.The Rep. candidate was outfoxed on this.However,when the new Congressman gets to Washington,and votes the Pelosi line,he will be in trouble.If he doesn't the Dems will not have gained anything.This race will not be repeated in other states,where the Dems for the most part have to run on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi record.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lie upon Lie? with no apology

AG Blumenthal during his press conference,noted that he has been written up in many newspapers,and cannot be responsible for every word written ABOUT HIM.
I would be willing to give odds that the AG not only has a press office,but subscribes to a clipping service.Everytime his name is mentioned in an article etc., he is notified and gets a COPY.In all the years he has repeated his lie,and papers have written it as he uttered it,did he ever once say "hey..this is a mistake"?
The chutzpah of the man to not only lie,but when caught to have his conference at the VFW Hall,and NOT TO APOLOGIZE!
I am not a public figure in the same manner as the AG,but over the years including a few months ago found erroneous statements in the press about me.Some I did not read about but others informed me of them.I always called or wrote the paper-reporter with the facts as I saw them.Blumenthal never once did that.
He deserves what he will get,the excuses of the Liberals not withstanding.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shock and awe

Before I go back to tidbits from our Israel trip, I must comment on 2 events.
MY DISGUST at seeing "disgraced" Gov. Elliot Spitzer hosting an MSNBC political discussion yesterday.Ok the liberal clowns they have on at nite(Obermann and Madow)they are amusing.
However there are plenty of former Govs(who could host a show) who did not cross state lines to have prostitutes set up for them without insulting at least those who believe in some sense of public morality.

My shock and dismay at the news that CT AG Richard Blumenthal lied about his Vietnam service.As a Vietnam veteran this is a total insult to all of us who served,and to the millions who served in other battles past and present.
When I walked in the Port Authority in uniform on the day I was discharged,(coming back 1 day earlier from Saigon) people looked at me like I was an enemy Martian,pushing and often sneering.Today of course all that is forgoten.However Blumenthal has tried to be a patriot and war veteran who sacrificed for his country to advance his career.It isn't only that he lies,but he can never feel the deep seated feelings that veterans have for those they saw die,wounded or ruined psychologically ,or share the negative feelings many Americans had for them DURING the war.
He can only concentrate on running for the next higher office,and pray that no one will expose his lie.In the interim he can see Vietnam war movies to stay in the mood.Sadly for him the truth is out.
He did not "misspeak" as WCBS radio said this morning.He is a pathologic liar who cannot be trusted.He should withdraw from his Senate contest and even from his current post.
This mornings WSJ in reporting on the surrender of Bernie Kerik to jail for "lying to federal officials regarding a background check" for higher office.
Isn't that what Blumenthal has done all along to the people of Ct. and indeed the US? Is that a federal offense? probably not.Even though to my recollection imitating a Medal of Honor awardee is!

Monday, May 17, 2010

my report continued

Continuing on with notes from our Israel trip:
For 2 days our trip was devoted to Terrorism,under the sponsorship of Shurat Hadin.This organization fights terrorism through legal means.We had numerous talks and visits with anti-terrorism experts, including members of Shin Bet,the Mossad and an undercover agent who is an Arab and worked for intelligence.We also went to a trial of a Hamas General accused of ordering the death of Israelis.
I will try to put the information in bullet form.
When asked about the alleged Dubai Israeli operation,both the Shin Bet and the Arab yelled out spontaneously "bullshit"-Israelis do not send 26 agents to eliminate someone,when 2 or 3 will do.
Dubai is the logistics center for Hamas and Hezbollah.They create front programs there. The Hamas agent killed came to Dubai 6-8 times/yr to negotiate arms etc..always on a false passport.
Main goal of Hamas today is to kidnap an Israeli soldier.
For all intensive purposes there is no terrorism today in Israel-the wall/separation fence doing a good job.
General Dayton (US Army ) is the real commander of PLO-PA forces-being trained in Jordan
All orders to Hamas in Gaza originate in Iran and Syria.
The great danger in Gaza(to Hamas as well)is the growth of Islamic findamentalism.
Weapons in Gaza are not in responible hands.
Israelis are "happy" because they know that another war is coming in 2010-11 because of increased rocket power of Hezbollah/Hamas and Iran.
to be continued

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Western Galilee Hospital

I have decided to start cleaning out my notes from our recent mission to Israel,and to perhaps blog some of the meetings and events not done by most visitors.
Our group from the shiur in Talmud that has met for about 23 years on a weekly basis in Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern N.Y..This was our 5th group trip to Israel.During course of these trips,we have visited many hospitals ,including Hadassah,Shaare Zedek, Laniado, Rambam and Ben-Gurion.
This year we visited the biggesr secret in Israel,namely The Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.It is a 700 bed teaching hospital with a staff of 2000 doctors and is affiliated with the Technion Medical School.However the real suprise is an underground 450 bed medical facility all prepared for any emergency as occured in the last Lebanese war.
Some of the innovations are truly state of the art,such as the fluid for renal dialysis being pumped through pipes in the walls,alongside other medical necessities.
During the 1962 Lebanese war, the hospital received the largest number of civilian and military casualties.The underground facilities allowed them to function, despite the aboveground part of the hospital being hit by rockets.
What is also amazing is that non-Jews head departments ,and the hospital itself.Walking through the wards and halls one sees a mosaic of Jers,Druze ,Moslems and Christians both as patients and staff-all working together amicably.
Truly an inspiring place to visit and support.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just when I was feeing depressed over the apparent cave-in by Netanyahu over Jerusalem,I was able to perk up once I read todays left-wing Haaretz editorial.
Like the NY Times,when they attack something,most of the time you know thatyou agree with that which is being attacked.
Today the title was "Incitement Day in Jerusalem".In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, the paper attacks the right wing for celebrating in Arab neighborhoods.Then it goes after Bibi for going to Yeshivat Mercaz Harav,and mocks the students who sang "If I forget the O Jerusalem,let my right hand forget its cunning".Then Bibi had the nerve to say "we have never conceded Jerusalem"
Why go there asks Haaretz to a place that is against any division of the city?
Mayor Nir Barket,of Jerusalem follows with a promise that the freeze will not continue. And worst of all the Public Security Minister announces that illegal Arab housing will be razed in a few days.
But that is not the worst of it.It seems that the Education Minister has doubled the number of students to 400,000 who must visit Jerusalem this year.And sadly they point out they are taken to Jewish sites,such as the tunnels,Jewish Quarter Zion Gate,and "disputed" areas in Jerusalem where new Jewish housing will be built-ignoring the Arabs.
It is they say "the "clear stamp of religious nationalist indoctrination".
This is Bibi's real agena -they lament.
Thank you Haaretz for lifting my spirits!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Karzai reception

The reception for President Karzai of Afghanistan in the East Room of the WH ,was with all the splendor that could be generated.This for the head of a corrupt state,who only recently upon being badgered by the US,threatened to join the Taliban.He also met with the Iranian Pres.That was enough of a threat,and walla--a grand reception,hugs and kisses.
Contrast that to the shabby reception that Bibi recieved.NO pictures or TV,
NO receptions,and only bad mouthing of our allegedly closest ally.Bibi cannot turn around and threaten to join any hostile movement, because Israel and the US are to an extent tied to the hip.
Pro-Israel voters, should keep the contrasting pictures in mind

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jerusalem Day

I recall our first trip to Jerusalem while the city was still divided.As we got off the train from Tel Aviv.the barbed wire was right across the street.We were told not to look up,for there was a Joranian soldier who might take a shot at you.
Today of course as we celebrate the reunification of the city,there is no barbed wire ,and citizens and tourists of every religion can can walk safely.Only Jews however cannot walk the Temple Mount.
I also remember the PLO flag and encampment at Orient House,as they planned to once again divide the city.
We should not assume that a Jewish Capitol city will forever remain undivided unless we pay special attention to negate the forces that are at work daily in the WH,UN,European capitols and the progressive media.
As an aside ,while the European turmoil in Greece etc, and the political turmoil in England are not good for our IRA's etc,the one value is that these clowns will not have the desire-power to unite against Israel.

Monday, May 10, 2010


when one looks at the entire record of Obama/Clinton toward Israel since they took office it is not a pretty picture.
Threats,public pressure, attempts to publicly embarress Bibi during his WH visits,and making more severe demands on Israel than even the PA desired.Of course they(the PA) immediately raised their demands.
The entire outreach to the Muslim world as in his Cairo speech,without speaking to the Israeli people signifies his bias.
Yes, he sends out emissaries trying to reassure the American Jewish community,he invites Eli Weisel to the WH for a meal, and has a Passover seder,all part of an attempt to defuse his gaffes.
The threat to initiate a master peace plan and to impose it,is of course a non-starter.The idea of "indirect": talks is likewise a formula with a built-in failure mechanism.If we can't sit at the same table and negotiate then how can we live next to each other in peace?
His referral to"EAST" Jerusalem building as "settlements" shows he has no inner feeling for Jewish identity or nationhood.
I could go on,however the point I wish to raise is how can any Zionist or Orthodox organization or leader "commend" the President for withdrawing his idea to impose an American plan? How about a commendation that he doesn't beat his wife?The Presidents goal is to force Bibi to revamp his Cabinet and get rid of his right-wingers.
Similarly the PM does not deserve any commendation for his weakness in dealing with Mitchell and Obama.EVEN IF actual construction on Ramat Shlomo was 2 years off,the PM has made it appear that he has conceded East Jerusalem.
American Orthodox organizations should stop sounding like an arm of the Jewish Democratic Coalition, and speak out, and lead in telling the President-"Stop the pressure" and to the PM "Hang tough"

Thursday, May 06, 2010

kosher in china-hong kong

23 years ago,we made our first visit to the Orient (aside from my year in Vietnam)Except for the synagogues in Tokyo and H.K., which offered meals,there was nothing.
Today,there are minyanim and restaurants in Thailand,China and H.K.(3 in H.K.)

There is one site that stands out,and that is the Sephardic Congregation-restaurant in Kowloon, H.K.
They have a minyan 3 times a day and after the morning services, serve a free breakfast.During the week,they have a meat retaurant which attracts businessmen from all over the world,primarily sephardic individuals from Panama,Mexico and Israel,as well ,as the U.S.

It is on shabbos that one sees a dramatic picture.Last Friday night, 300 men and a few women came to the orthodox services.Then they waited in the hall of this office/commercial building,and within minutes tables were set up and a formal meal served.
Not only was the food plentiful and varied ( 3 kinds of fish),but the amazing part is that NO reservations are required.Nor is there any charge for this or the lunch and shlosh seudoth on shabbat.Of course a donation is usual, and they do sell the aliyoth on shabbat to cover their annual $800,000 budget.
Rabbi Meoded has truly vitalized this community.Since many Rabbis and scholars pass by through H.K.,they are invited to speak or teach a class.
Just a note on the Chabad efforts in Shanghai and Beijing where a similar attempt is made to welcome Jewish travelers.

I am back!

It was a wonderful 24 days that my wife and I spent inn Israel,China and Hong Kong.
Firstly I appreciate Elli's pitching in during my trip.
Since my internal clock is way off,what with a 12 hour difference in time,and a 16 hour flight,I got up after a few hours sleep, to write a few words, and try to start catching up with the world.There is only international CNN in China-HK hotels,and no real newspapers,so you have a distorted view of what news you do obtain.
One interesting point, is that when Sheila and I went to the Great Wall in Beijing 2 weeks ago,though it was drizzling when we left our hotel room,it was a snowstorm at the elevations of the Wall.
Our guide's first comment was " GLOBAL WARMING" with a big smile.Obviously Al Gore has had a major influence there!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Israel and The NYT/Senate Races

Elliot Ganchrow writes:

As a Republican and a supporter of Israel, you need to hold your nose when you read the The New York Times. Two points from yesterday's Times: one, in discussing the pointless talks which will begin this week, Martin Indyk is quoted as saying that he worried that the talks would be disrupted by a terrorist attack or by a decision by Jerusalem authorities to build housing in East Jerusalem. So we reached the point that the experts are equating terrorist attacks with building apartments in the Israeli capital. The second was the op-ed written by Kai Bird, who remembers the Jerusalem of her youth (prior to 1967) and condemns the fact that Palestinians with pre-1948 deeds can't retake their homes from Jews. Two pretty big points she obviously misses- the pre-1967 Jerusalem wasn't that great from the Jewish perspective- afterall they couldn't visit the Western Wall; and second, she doesn't seem overally concerned that the thousands of Jews evicted from the homes in Arab states won't receive compensation from these Arab states.

We are starting to see most of the 2010 Senate races take shape- Republicans are looking good in taking current Democratic seats in N. Dakota, Delaware (Biden's old seat), Illinois (Obama's old seat), Indiana, Arkansas, Nevada (Harry Reid's seat), and Pennsylvania. These seven seats would give the Republicans 48 seats. The Republicans also have good chances in Colorado and California and an outside chance in Washington. What is especially interesting is that the Republicans could end up in control of Kennedy's, Biden's and Obama's old seats. Of the Republican held seats, only two could switch to the Democrats, one is Ohio and the other is Florida, where Governor Crist capped off a stunning turn of events by going from prohibitive favorite to being blown out of the Republican Party. Crist will have a tougher time than Joe Lieberman who tried the same tack- Lieberman ran as an independent but enjoyed strong Republican support (and only a token Republican on the ballot)- Crist is attempting to go against two well funded party candidates. Its unclear where he thinks his support is going to come from- my money is still on Marco Rubio.